Gem Codes Won’t Count In Crew/Friend Elevator

Aye, I got a true fact for you people. I had this fact since 2012. o-o Okay so. I made a new account to prove to you, because on my main I earned gems from videos… And for the reason I am posting is because there hasn’t been a post for a while, so blame me for this useless post :D

So, use a gem code (Well obviously!)


Check your friend elevator or crew elevator.


So, if you use a monthly, toolbar or Facebook. You get nothing from the elevators.


The reason I am posting this, is because…


What do you think about this? Have you known this before? :o

Here’s a chart where you able to get one to three stars:
1 star = 25 to 50
2 stars = 55 to 90
3 stars = 100 to 250

9 thoughts on “Gem Codes Won’t Count In Crew/Friend Elevator

  1. Well first off, my elevator works except you have to also do free gem offers to get credit and the free 40-80 gems a month from the coupon codes are not enough to fill even part way an elevator. They must get over 150 to even count at 3 stars so whats the big deal? I made all my newbs and they all have elevator gems and stars using codes and free gem vids so take 30 mins a week and do free offers on your FB newbs and other newbs its worth it and makes the elevator shoot up!

    • ;o so true! like 80 or 40 = one star 100 two stars but 150 or above = three stars 700 or 600 or 500 or 300 = five stars or 900 or higher so you have a point!

      • 25 – 50 = 1 star
        60 – 100 = 2 stars
        i am not sure about 3 stars, i have never achieved that goal.

    • actually i got a star from videos by earning 25 gems on my main.
      right there in the picture shows i have 30 gems by codes, but no stars on that account. i so hope that made sense now.

  2. you should buy gems every month to get stars i buy them with phone caues my mom dosn’t allow me to use her card ;_;

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