Fright Box 2009 (Light)

Hey, you know my last post about the Fright box 2009? Well, it’s actually coming true~ See here for my last post about it But it has more items than the older mystery box! Take a peek here: (MORE TO ADD SOON. JUST THOUGHT TO POST NOW!)

Cost: 60 gems per mystery box.
Coming out: 28th October
End: 10th November

Fright Box



Black DrippingWhiteCrows wing

halo hat hat2 hat3

The outfits:

Fright2009 Fright20092

31 thoughts on “Fright Box 2009 (Light)

  1. I heard… The fiend eyes are demon eyes. Well, LIKE demon eyes. You have to change your eye color to make it look like demon eyes. Dripping eyes and Dripping are two different things. Dripping eyes will be red (Cool) Dripping will be black (why not red? it looks like you ate oil for lunch)

  2. Yay! :o I’m so excited I feel like I’m going to drop down and die x_x
    I want the ghouls, demons and stuff, Just like everyone else x’P

    Do you know how many gems yet??

  3. yay i love it im gonna get alot of gems for i can by alot of boxes C:
    o_O yayz 8 more days C:
    yay i hope i get eyes wings or every thing
    C: yay yay yay yay O_O how many gems?

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