oW Videos

All these videos are made by Secret! And will always be updated when a new video is made by her! You can request a song below.

Key code of new and old names:

Paw ~ Pillow Pet
Poof ~ Red Sun
Ldiot ~ Seek ~ Rewind
PHO3B3 ~ Feature


48 thoughts on “oW Videos

  1. Does it have to be a song? I wanted to contribute my own little “Welcome to ourWorld” trailer to the page if possible. :)

    I showed one of your rooms in it, Secret!

    – Lucy the Adroit

  2. Secret you’re an awesome nice loyal person :) You are an amazing person i think you’re a very hard working person and I know you are because all these videos show that you and you’re friends do try a lot I don’t see you as a “Famous Person” I see you as a normal person a hard working person, you are inspiring. I hope in the future you will do great i wish you good luck. Thank you. :)

  3. awww this videos are so awesome!! I would never be able to make one. I was watching each and everyone and they all impressed me so much especially the last one… I think nobody should pressure secret. By the way… add me if you want to anyone – Logicai :))

    • she didn’t said “EVERYONE” everyone means the whole of ourworld. MOST is the word. and read the video description. it has been edited in October. not EVERYONE can finish till deadline. also have you heard the news? shes busy. cant believe everyone is pushing pressure on her when she is fully overwhelmed.

  4. You should make a music video for the song lights by Ellie Goulding . My name is Sierra630 on ourworld, and also, your condo is awesome Secret

  5. Can U do one for Blood On the Dance floor like Star Power, Something Grimm, Death To Ur Heart, Bewitched, Yo Ho. theres more these R just some examples.

  6. Hey add me imk level 22 i started last year i thiunk but i never played it after that and now 2 months ago i started it all agina and i was lvl 14 then so i leveled up 8 t5imes wich is hard because i don’t have resistence plus i usually play on weekends on certain times so please add me :D im not a member here by the way Oh my ourworlds name is Glitter Bunny

  7. maybe you should do a spongebob song lol idk maybe goofy goofer rock? . my name on ow now: l Radioactive l . i still like spongebob even though im too old for it. :)

  8. Hey guys I’m Alice Rose16 and i play ow too and I freaking love u guys lol and u are realy amazing so keep up the good work :D BTW love secrets condo :D

  9. You Should do a video to Girlfriend – Arvil lavigne or Taylor Swift – Our song / I Knew u were trouble – Taylor Swift

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