Want to join a amazing crew? Well here’s a chart of them!~ You may comment your crew as well. Who knows, we might add them in the page. But please give information for why it should be on this page. For example: Does your crew have contests, have a crew website, have half full elevator (Coin box) and so on.Β  (Tip, if your crew has coin box and over all the time, you have higher chance to have your crew featured!) :)

Feel free to join Discord to advertise your guild here!

Update 19/07/2017(Day/Month): removed 0 inactive crews. Added 1 new active crews

Musicians of OW
No Crew website.
Founder(s): Oooh Lala

The 0xLicious
Click here for Crew Site
Founder(s): Caniesa, Vicki, Usama J, Eruptor, Briana

Princess OW
No Crew website.
Founder(s): anuaish, barbie princess, QueenOfSelfie, Wafeqa, DarwishyahH, Puffcat, WinnieH

No Crew website.
Founder(s): QUEU, Holistic

Ourworld Seekers
No Crew website.
Founder(s): suze1234, Salty Chips, Phoebe Halliwell, Sanches

Click here for Crew site.
Founder(s): Kevin 122 & Starlight111

Want to join any of these crews? Then ask the Founders by message on oW!

More may be added in the future~

162 thoughts on “Crews

  1. Join OW Insiders! Must be level 20+. weekly contest for members 1 star and above, you could win a clothing item, a bento box colour of your choice, a light mystery box or a dark mystery box.
    Members with 0 star can stay unless they have been inactive for a month or so,they cannot participate in contest.
    Please join OW Insiders !
    To join contact one of the founders : II Kelly II or mermer ( ourWorld accounts)



    • Oh thanks….for the information…
      Um i want to join but im a noob but my name starts with OWGODS .
      Is it possible to join….well if its ok rely either or.
      My our world name is: owGod Uranus
      Friend me on our worldv

  3. I love your blogging site. I would love to be part of it but I don’t really know/like blogging. I love how you set things up and i love the picture that greats others. I would offer to make one but the problem is i cant draw. So in the end all I can really do for this is suggest it to others and love the site a lot. Happy Halloween, and keep up the amazing work!

    Username: TamoraD
    Crew Name: Gem Make
    Must at least have 2 stars to join
    Message me and I’ll make you an appointment to when and where we can meet.
    Elevator is not full but quart full.
    We just started in this month, the more members with 2+ stars the higher the elevator prizes we get.
    We have only five members
    Boys and girls are welcome.
    We are going to have our private events like contests, such as fashion shows etc for boys and girls and each month I’ll give away two crew Jackets with crew logo on the back of it
    Ranks will be changed each month except for QUEENS AND KINGS
    ~ TAM

  5. Crew name : Sounds Of Space
    Crew elevator is full
    Our crew is always active and we have a nice clubhouse
    there r always members in the clubhouse
    Crew founder : Beatririb (she is so nicee)
    We have fashion shows and the one who wins get prizes :D

  6. Crew name : 0xLicious

    Founder : Caniessa,Vicki,Usama J,Eruptor,Briana

    It was Active for every month’s Events, Always Full Elevator every month and it also have a website

  7. Crew: Wavy Vibes
    Owner: basicfiji
    Most Lit Crew on OW
    Come & Join Us!! No Stars Needed, Just Be Lit!
    Join For MonthlyWeekly Codes, Gifts, Giveaways & More!
    Add me (basicfiji) & message me if you want to join <3
    $$Come Join Us$$

  8. I own a crew called princess ow
    In this crew now I’m having a crew is poem contest.
    Rules are should only post 1 poem in the comments section. should not post your poem in the album.
    3.there will be 3 prizes
    They are
    1st prize is resident pass 1 month
    2nd prize is flow box.
    3rd prize is any limited item below 30 Gems.
    4.the theme for the poem is friendship. not torture me saying please select me. scams. your poem now!!!
    It only lasts for 2 months(march to may)
    8.winner will be selected in may 11.
    9. Also the participating members get prize below 10 gems. Don’t worry :)
    9. Post ur poem fast. Results may be coming before may 11 also.
    10.join my crew to participate in this poem contest.

    Thank u
    Best regardz..
    Anuaish the crew owner

  9. I just started a new crew called Empowering Women, it’s a feminist group that promotes equality, peer support, and self-love! Despite the name, everybody is allowed to join, no matter what their gender. Add me on OW (dragcnette) and I’ll add you to the crew!! :) <3

  10. Crew: Wavy Vibes
    Owner: basicfiji
    Most Lit Crew on OW
    Come & Join Us!! No Stars Needed, Just Be Lit!
    Join For MonthlyWeekly Codes, Gifts, Giveaways & More!

    Add me (basicfiji) & message me if you want to join <3
    $$Come Join Us$$

  11. We are ThePoisonedOnes. Older crews are falling apart join us to help us and yourself grow! The goal is to fill up the bar every month if you have any questions leave them n the comments.
    please have 3-5 stars and you can add one of the following if you are interested!!!

    Co Finder- AngelJay

  12. Add Ourworld Seekers It’s One Of The Best! 125 Members, Full Elevator, And Prizes

    Founders: Bradenator, diego20606, Suze1234

  13. Ourworld Seekers is a new crew with 130 members, we have a full elevator, we have monthly contest and we’ve never gone with a month with less than 5 prizes. usually we get doubl the gems than the elevator. So please choose us.
    P.S we have no website

    Founders: Bradenator, Diego20606, Suze1234

    Thank You.

  14. Please add my crew to the list it’s “Ourworld Seekers” We have 130 members, and monthly contest, not to mention a full elevator. Please note that our crew’s been active for 3 month, and we’re getting bigger, and better we’re reaching full elevators sooner and sooner
    founders: bradenator, diego20606, suze1234

    • add ourworld seekers on it, we always get full elevators, and give out awesome prizes….
      founders: bradenator, diego20606, suze1234

  15. WE are a small crew looking for new member 3 to 5 star. We have contest for prizes, play games for prizes, have social events. always full elevator and once you join are consider family. weekly and monthly gems codes always posted on crew bio. Any new cheats will be sent out to all members. Ask if you need help learning tricks an they will be showed name OW MASTERS Of All we study the game by reading all updates, and help people in crew with answer they need.

  16. Hello im the founder of the rich gangs, I Gems I and I changed my name to II NightGhost II please change the name I Gems I to II NightGhost II thank you very much and I wanna tell you that im a big fan of this website :)

  17. I’m not sure if anyone peaks around here anymore, but I need a crew that actually attempts to fill their elevator. I use to be in one, but after a long hiatus the name deserts me, and so has the crew. My character is the same as my name, LilNightingale. Please message me if I may join your crew (:

  18. Can you write the crew “The Landlords” cos it has a full elevator c: and their elevator is always full :D :3😁 Lol, but it’s a very good crew :D the founders are: Mr Issa, KillerKittyKat. 😊

  19. hello! I want my crew to become populer cuz it’s the best crew in our world. they do regularly gifts trough contest! And when I joined I knewd the truth that it’s all true! Everyday contest the founders Message us about the contest! I love my crew soo much<333 pls check out my profile my our world name Angelio look at my gift list someone named Mrs lssa Gifted me 153 gems prize that I won and she gifted me whatever I wanted in 153 gems! easy Contest chance of winning everyday 100-50 or sometimes 50 gems prizes! Many types of contest! Quiz, inviting zoes, finding clues and more!

    1. Our crew name is The Landlords
    2. Full elevator month we get the all things of elevator
    3. We have 775 members
    4. Total acquired by crew 797,494 gems elevator!
    5. Our crew have 5 Founders: II Platinum II, Mr lssa, Mrs lssa, Mohitstar and XSkyelarXOXO
    6. Regularly Gifts trough Regularly Contests
    7. awesome crew image
    8. Our founders are awesome, nice, kind, best!
    9. You can win million coins also in contests over 1-10 mill
    10. Classy members, hot, happening, weekly contests, full elevator, mind blowing prizes, unity, power full, loyalty. This is all our crew about!

    please post it I want this crew to be in this famous website to be famous pls pls it deserve it.

  20. Hi secret, can you please be my friend on ourWorld? im already Act’s friend and I wanna be yours(PS:why did Act eat Flavour’s unicorn?!) username is II Fiend II

  21. My crew is The Akatsukki. It accepts everyone and has a full elevator, and have many contests. Daily, monthly and others. The prizes are super cool too. You don’t need to get 5 stars to be promoted too, I love this crew so much c:

  22. Please add my club
    I just made it, and I want it to have amazing members
    Its called True Hero
    Founder is CherryBomb
    Thanks Thanks Thanks!!

  23. hello I want my crew to become populer we have nice founders.
    We have weekly contests
    We always get full elevator
    We have cool club house and crew image
    our crew name The MidnightCrow
    Our crew founders: Av3ril and Uae5 the crew was founded by Av3ril
    The owner might change name
    Our crew really gives the prizes to the weekly contest winners
    We don’t have website but it’s coming soon.
    They update the gems code always on the crew profile private info.
    They gift the girl/boy who be top in the elevator
    We have surprise fashion show contest sometimes with awesome prizes.
    The founders are kind they give us chance to get us start we don’t get kicked.

    Please I would love to put our crew on this cool best website. I want our crew to be populer cuz I think the crew deserve it. Please do it. I want it to become really populer.


  24. my crew is called Paw Buddies we have almost full elevator we have no website and our founders are Lilly Paw , Dog Paw , Its Dope Thug , ParisLuvsRodrick , Cool Paw . please please put us with the rest of the crews

  25. MY CREW IS oops caps ahem my crew that im is elite traderes we should be on this page because they gift, they keep u updated on contests right now the contesr is who can pull out the 2009 frightbox from trick or treating and u get a 2014 one if u get it. we also have full elevator and they always message you up coming contests the winners etc so my crew is the best.

  26. Hey there , my crew is called Black lovers , it has a full elevator since over than a year , we reach 100,000 gems praactically each month , promotions are automatic for people with 5 stars , and we are looking for a co-founder that helps me getting prizes for the contests , i hope u post our crew here so it gets more popular cuz i really work hard to make sure its always full

    Message me on ow for any questions ; Genius Guy 8D is my ow name :)

  27. OwRiches
    founder – FranciscoAlvarez
    elevator- almost full
    website –
    contest-monthly with prizes

  28. Crew Name – OwRiches
    Contest – Monthly with Prizes
    Founder – FranciscoAlvarez
    Elevator – Full
    Requirements – 3 or more stars
    Website – None

  29. Our crew is called LubDatCupQuake

    Crew founders EnderGirl, Musicraft, TysonByson, xxangel90xx

    We should be mentioned on this page because we have a monthly photo contest and crew events all the time.

    We have yet to make a website.

  30. is there a way i can join and help with posting stuff on here? that’d be kind of cool. I’m a resident, and i’m a volunteer helper.

  31. hey everyone!
    A crew that all cheerleader’s should join is our crew: Cheerleaders 8P
    An up and coming crew filled with kind and caring member’s, the BEST captains and wonderful people. please check it out or message me on ourworld to join!

  32. Crew name: Ow wishes
    only 84 members when i checked earlier!
    But we have an almost full elevator already!
    I’m XxItalianpizzaxX
    ~ message me if you wanna join ;)
    probably Ow Gods Miracle ?? Or something like that ~ no idea..

  33. Crew name: kings kingdom
    Full elevator every month
    At least one stars required
    Founders: play boii and vold3dreams

  34. Crew name : black lovers
    FUll elevator each month
    Most people round 130
    at least 100,000 gems each month on the elevator
    we once did a contest on 4 zoe and 3 res passes
    Founder BL Alexis 8D

    hope u like it and u post it :)

  35. Newly Made Crew The Classics.
    With so much to Offer you Contests, Prizes, Giveaways and Much More!
    Members so far 41 Reached Full Elevator.
    Main Founder Classic Clown Co Founders Classic Vsmpire and Classic Magician.

  36. my crew is Avril Lavign
    avril is my fav.. artist

    i just joint the crew
    im not a founder but i can invite u!
    but it says u need to have gems..
    cuz were almost going to fullfill the elevator (1st one almost complete)
    my name in ourworld:

    jane alissa

  37. Hey Crew is Crazy Stupid Wuv
    Its New But Almost Full Elevator
    It have (14) Members
    Founders Are : Bad Behavior 8D And Asylum Love x3

    Regards~ Asylum Love x3

  38. Whisper Keepers, I have a few people [40]
    Its new, it has full elevators, most retired owGods went there, and
    owner: KhAoS1

    Btw, Secret, LOVE your condo!
    You can add me~
    My user is: l HarleyQuinn l

    [BTW the l’s are lowercase L’s :) ]

  39. If ou earn so much gems Jin this crew We are Brothers We make sure you get all the boxes it only for peopel who are 2-3= Stars
    Founder=B Dreams
    Try joining either find me or someone ask them thn they’d ask the founder :D

  40. Crew: Rich Mafia
    Founder: Mr Garcia
    Reason: Because It’s a Great Crew, Have Full Elevator, Great Contest with Awesome Prizes, Crew Party, and Lots of Fun Tips

  41. Hey our world players there’s one awesome crew that YOU should join ! its called Ow God’s Beast
    Our crew elevator is higher than 6,000 if you would like to join look on my profile and add me then send a message that you want to join thanks CO FOUNDER OF OWGOD’S BEAST

  42. Crew: Teenage Heaven
    Founder: TH iCherry x
    Contests: Rare-Item-Giveaways every month on the website

    We’ve been around for over a year and I started taking the crew seriously about half way through that so we have 100 members. Please list us!! :D

    Your fellow blogger,
    TH iCherry x

  43. Serial Killerz we have full elevator very month and randomly gift and anonomyous person in our crew a different gift every month Octobers monthly gift is fright box :) 4 stars to join

    • Rich Mafia Crew, We Have Full Elevator More Than 200 Members, Crew Partys, Contests, and More Stuff. This Would Be Great to Show our Crew!!!

  44. Hi. If u r a fan of de Twilight Saga, plz join our crew. Our crew’s name is: Twlight Eclipse which has 992 members currently. If u wanna join, plz reply 2 tis comment. My OW Name: Adriana Hazziqa.

  45. hey i want to start a crew so i ned monthly gems plse send me my name is tuina im 8 years old plse secret i mean sis cuz yur elder than ,me plse

  46. Hi everyone! My crew deserves to be in top. Apart from our website, our clubhouse its way cool. We have an awesome crew website whit about 200 visitators on month. About Crew contest and prizes doesn’t comes way. There time and examples on website to help you, and the winners are getting payd for their work. Im the principal founder, so I made a girl founder too ( cause I know her in real ) My name on OW. Is Odeette and you can contact me anytime to be in the crew. We are not the kind of crew that allows only people whit “stars”! NO! I dont accept that and I wont aplly it on my own crew. The only condition we may ask you is that you should join any contest.
    Thanks and please contact me on OurWorld to join my crew anytime. <3 ( Oh my name is Odeette)
    β‰ˆBye ;)

    • My crew’s name is Infinit Paradise. ( Yeah people, I know there is a spelling mistake but what can I do? shorth the “paradise” word? So? Blame me…)

  47. Our crew is called Infinit Paradise.
    We have amonthly contest, this contest is Terrible Night. , WE recived allot of comments on our facebbok page, yea you hear all we have a facebook page, we always get the prizes of month, we have partys, crew day a website and alot of contestes with prizes, if you wanna join my name in ourworld is Lorrette or you can message Odeette too. We are founders togeter. Infinit Paradise 4 ever.

  48. hey
    my crew name is Black Lovers and i think that our crew could be added cuz we always get a full elevator and contests always ,usually the elevator is full in 2 weeks or less and we do parties and events and meetings and send gem codes to our members and many other things.
    What do you think? ;)

  49. Hey Secret. Im trying to create my crew so until then I won’t be in a crew. When I create my crew I’ll make sure to tell you. BTW: Thanks for all the great gem codes and cheats. It’s really helped me a lot. You’re my number one idol and I hope to be like you one day. Forever loved, Skittle<33

    • BTW: My name is Bubble Tea 8D on ourWorld if you ever want to add me. <33 I doubt you will, but we all have dreams, eh? Lol. :o

  50. I have a crew called Pika Pika, and it has a crew website, ( and its past half full elevator. it has contests, videos, jokes, pictures, and everything a awesome crew should have! :)

    • P.s. it has contests and has a full elevator by the end of the month… just maybe not at the beginning

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