Gem Codes 5th – 12th August

IT’S MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY. OK, never mind it’s Tuesday. ourWorld likes giving code(s) every Tuesdays. -.- (Monday for their time)



Monthly (August):EB57-A836-DF33-459A
Thanks to i Ellectra i!

Can’t you believe it? only Facebook today. If you know this week’s Toolbar, you may comment below and I will add/credit your name in this post! :3

Time for a random video. Every random video will be posted every week with gems code. BUT WARNING: it may be disturbing to some people.

12 thoughts on “Gem Codes 5th – 12th August

    • Sorry my sis did that. First of all she goes on my Laptop. And that is NOT the Toolbar Code! Sorry again, everyone who saw her comment. That’s all. :)

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