Next Updates

Next update is on 8th October 2018. These are the next updates!

(NOTE: The date shown above, may NOT release EXACTLY the same date, due to different time zones. Usually updated 1 day later. ourWorld time zone is PT (Pacific Time) You can search Pacific Time in Google search to see what their time zone is now. They usually update at 10:45AM – 12PM)

Fright Box 2018

October Monthly (Available 1st October

Trick or Treat 2018 + Basket



145 thoughts on “Next Updates

  1. I don’t like the new update I like ourworld to the way it used to be with the old music and how it was in 2008 change it to the way it used to be. Thank you.

  2. I think ourworld shoud change the theme to something fantacy or dark like. It would be cool to go to the different worlds on there with a different them for example the nevermore should get more monsters and make it more scarier and the wonderland more fantasy with more candy and more cuddly animals , make ourworld more fun and enjoyable instead of everyone have to be bored and new clothing in the shops I want everyone to have fun.

    • yes, I do think that they could changed up the theme to make it a little bit more interesting.. but ya it is also a really fun game to play.

  3. I really loved the light rainbow box (even though i have a hard time getting the good stuff unless i get like 20 boxes)
    Is there any other boxes that can be brought back?

    I know most stuff has already got their dark and light variant to them and that will most likely be the reason that this will not be good idea or at least a thought; but could they still be brought back with a different color?
    For instance, the monster boots and the crystal wings and cheek marks… (this may be kind of a weird thought or whatever). I think they would look good if the had a few more colors to them.
    Like a red? I would say a green, but i don’t know about that..

    But it’s just a thought. Probably might stupid thought, or maybe not; or it may just be or a good thought and just won’t work because they have both variants.

  4. some of these updates have already come like the game sheep Vs aliens and the movement of wishlist and brag bag and the seller name and the clothes…….

  5. Whale this is good ^.^ getting updated on this since i cant really earn gems might as well use codes or trade on mp thanks secret >.> yer awesone

    • i hope so to and hope they bring back better hairs and
      outfits they really should make tattoos n rares c:
      and wings for special Halloween delivery! package :D

  6. Hi um I noticed some ppl have the items from October from ourworld but it’s the future October items they only have the spirites how is that possible please answer

    • As Confirmed by Czarcasm that the arrows was taken off by mistake because people were getting around with swear words without being blocked with that arrow. So they fixed it ^^

      Off topic
      That looks like one of my drawings in your pic. Of Careful? I could draw your’s in the same pose and background color. Since that pic was meant to be for Careful.

      • Was awake before then. I usually sleep in lots of different time zones. I could be asleep during the day and be awake in the night or be a normal person being awake during the day and sleep during the night.

    • I had a problem can you make the gemcodes arrive early çause I keep on waiting for the arrival. We’ll if the gemcodes is 9-11, When it is already 12 it is still not there… I’m not angry I’m just complaining

      • We are trying our best for gem codes. It depends on when gem codes release.

  7. Very sad to say though … this used to b my fav site … but now ul dont update it fast… n also the star costume is nt even here… thats y i have switched to ogc… i wish ul do better

    • We are short on people posting on here. Secret was the one that updated everything mostly and since she is on holiday, we can’t do anything about it but post.

      • ok il let ul know the monthly, facebook n the toolbarcode as soon as i know… but where shud i post them…

      • ogc isint doing any better, they last updated with the gem codes for april 28th-may 4th and its may 24th now and no new updates so far, so im relying on this site for now.

    • OGC actually isn’t posting anything ourWorld-related since June or something. Secret’s site is actually doing a great job, since I moved from 3 different sites so far.

    • Anything that is from PopCap. Bejeweled, Plants Vs Zombies and etc. There will no be Bejeweled shop either. Some of the items will change their brand to Otto.

      • So actually in Facebook they don’t have Bejeweled u actually have to go on da site so does that mean it was removed already

  8. I reeeeeeealy don’t wanna offend every one and ourWorld,…. BUT I TOTTALLY HATE THAT UPDATE :S I like the website of secret urworld cheats BUT I HATE THE UPDATE ON OURWORLD FOR IT

  9. wow thats so excited i am so excited to enter tommorrows gem codes facebook and toolbar so that i can get 20 gems XD :D

  10. I just got the mustache……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………MUSTACHE :D

  11. I’m a big fan of Secret and her friends! :D Omg I know she may not add me but shes sooo cool!

    Secret If u see this, my accnt name is Kayla VIP

    • i am big fan to Secret and her friends! i know she dont add me coz she dont see me in place but ok i am happy for her she perfect all love her to be him or her friend. if Secret see this i be so much happy ty :) i am jovana588 in ourworld plz Secret when you be on massage me. and go to my home and i want be you friend :) and all who have acc in ow thank you guys for listening me :) :) ^_^

  12. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I NEED TO BUY THAT PONY TAIL HAIR X.X ITS THE BEST HAIR IVE EVER SEEN O_o ITS SO PRETTY tho I was saving for the light fright mystery box 2009 and have 90 gems so I GOTTA BUY IT!!

  13. Hey ummm… well hi secret you look really nice :) I just wanted to say hi please look me up on ourworld and friend request me please my name is cloi ok :)

      • she is only just keeping her friend list short. most of them are not really rich (like me, I rarely have anything. most of the items I have are from Secret) she does do add low levels, depends on their personality. :D

  14. the summer things just came out, but not all of them…. where is all the rest? like… all the sunglasses dresses and stuff aren’t here…

  15. Hey on my character, I can’t connect to Facebook, like the button is gone… No more Facebook gem codes!! D: Why is the button gone? What can I do to get it back?

    • It sometimes happen to me too, did you check your URL (Link where your ourWorld thingy is. for example: ok, do you see affiliate instead of home in the URL? if it shows affiliate, it blocks Facebook buttons and other sorts of things. if it doesn’t show affiliate then I’m not sure what’s happening.

  16. to the amazing Secret. all sounds cool, but how do you know all this stuff before its even out? please reply! (p.s I love your condo)

  17. hey secret.(and ur whole crew) R u like the CREATOR of ourworld?If not,how do u know all this stuff?Like glitches and all that….(PLEASE REPLY)

      • My sister keeps saying that there’s more then like 300 creators… Btw, you know when you start ourWorld and read that little email thing that says welcome to ourWorld! Is ourWorld Really, made by kids?

    • Yeah I really want more gems I hardly get any oh and secret how come the videos for gems don’t work I’ve tried lots of times but still they don’t work !

      • Since I’m not the creator of ourWorld or not even a staff. But I can share my knowledge.
        There’s different types of offers for different countries. One country could have more offers than the other. Another country could have lots of gem videos while the other(s) don’t or only have some. You can ask the provider where you watched the video from. (SuperRewards, Matomy and etc)

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