Gem Codes: 29th July – 5th August

Woo! Gem codes! But… No facebook code yet! Time to rage… But don’t worry it will come soon… I hope…  It’s found. No more raging! But, I will keep this picture and video for you anyways. >:)



Monthly: (July) < Expired.

Now after your raging. Let’s watch this awesome video! (Warning: Has nothing to do about gems. It’s all about Crabs. Also you don’t have to watch it. It may be disturbing as well.)  It’s replaced with badger song. If you would like to see the Crabs video, click this. But as stated above. ^

19 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 29th July – 5th August

  1. I use (fire fox ) to open ourworld ,,, last week ,,, there was update for fire fox ,,, and ourworld toolbar have gone ,, I tried to download it again but I couldn’t ,,, can someone help me ? :/ I’m lost and want my gems >_<

  2. Is Ourworld down for the day? When I load the page it is just black no matter how many times I try is it just my browser?

    • Never mind i guess Torch doesn’t work with the site anymore. now i have to switch back to google chrome with this old computer -.-

        i am pretty sure that guy said ‘dead bodies makes me.. umm.. *changes word* happy…’

        *replace crab song with badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM!*

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