Rainbow Box 2013: Items

It’s feeling like a good summer day. Why not bright up the day with rainbow items? Here is the mystery box and the items!





Spectronaut Jumpsuits




What do you think? I love the Lynx :33

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Box 2013: Items

  1. Hi if you are on…honestly I don’t know why I’m on at 5:55am , Could you please tell me does every last one of these items come in that one box because I struggle earning gems .-. and it took me 3 days to earn these 60 gems for this box ( Please Reply ) The box comes out today and I am happier then ever. Add me on Ourworld l GhostBusters l the lines are ” l’s ” Sorry I wrote a lot :3

  2. since there are so many items (i want them all :P ) why don’t they sell them separately instead of putting them all in a mystery box? They could just do what they did with the Tokidoki items

    • I agree. Cause I really want that Rainbow aura long hair ;o But i’ve had such a hard time getting it v.v So they should just sell the items separately.

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