Light Mystery Box 2013

Heya everyone :D ourWorld will be releasing new Light items and will be getting ridding of Light Mystery Box 2011. (Which  means they will go rare, like the Light Mystery Box 2009) So anyways, here is the preview of the items.  (Will add more later) :3

Light Box

Light1 Light2 Light3 Light4 Light5 Light6 Light7 Light8 Light9

Light10 Light11 Light12

Light13 Light14 Light15

Light Hair Light Wings

And lastly, but not least! the swords. Which I like to thank Le Porkie :3

Light Swords

What do you think of these items? I think they’re awesome *_*

Click here for the Dark Box items!

27 thoughts on “Light Mystery Box 2013


    pllzzzz i really wnt it :(

  2. what no can but them :c now am sad cuz i not a rez I MAD >:0 i need cheats for coins btw :P so rez can have them >:o i love the stuff

      • If you don’t mind me asking how do you get your images organized. I usually just screen shot each image and copy and paste it on word and arrange it there. Then once arranged screen shot that a save it? I suck at it.

        How do you do it!?

      • Well, I screen shot, paste it in paint, open another paint tab, copy the picture, stick it in the other paint (Doing the same thing again, but not opening another paint tab)
        I also play around with the url. Like replacing “m” or “f” with the shirts or whatever item. ^_^
        Sorry if that didn’t really made sense, I am horrible at explaining.

  3. Hello Act! I’m an author on ourWorldInk, and am responding to your comment on the Summer 2013 items. I unfortunately cannot edit that post, due to being an author not an editor, and Penetrate is not available for the week, but I will speak with him about it! I apologize :)

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