February 2015 Monthly Items: Ture Queen/King of Hearts

Well, February might not be the most loved month by everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love the items.. and candy… So.. here are February’s monthly items, please enjoy!

As always, these items will be released the first day of February!

Box:F2k5 Box

Unisex Items:F2k5 M HatF2k5 M Hold

Male Items:  F2k5 M Jacket F2k5 M Pants F2k5 M Shoes

Female Items:F2k5 F JacketF2k5 F Dress F2k5 F Shoes

 So how do you like these new items? Will you buy them?

Note: If there are more items, I will add them!

27 thoughts on “February 2015 Monthly Items: Ture Queen/King of Hearts

  1. hello, in ourworld was Mr. Strpper since i started the game and now ourworld changed my name automatically to Bad name 4442, i mean i have the right to have my old name, and i found alot of stupid names, even more vulgar and offensive, mine wasn’t neither both of them, people was sayng all the time that my name Mr. Stripper was funny and hilarious. i demand my old name, the one that i stared with… PLEASE!!!! and they made my spent 20 gems to change to my old name…. that’s bull

  2. y all same light shades again and again and same colours and all they are just EEEEW I’m not at all satisified with these new items its all repeating and just waste of gems

  3. Monthly Code is out: 6FAC-BAE8-89A8-50F6
    Enjoy your ten gems, although you really can’t get anything with 10 gems.

    • Ourworld is the one who puts up the codes for use. We just show them on the blog for people to easily view. Please don’t be angry at us since we have no control on when ourworld releases their codes.

  4. They should do more one coloured items… Like paws and curs? I need black boots on ourworld like curs but they are way to expensive XP Maybe clothing like the GG set?

  5. Welll….. I may buy it if I can, but it’s kinda lame. and Feb is b-day month. Kinda sucks. Oh wellll~ Always the next month.

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