Dark Mystery Box 2014

Say good bye to 2013, say hello to 2014 Dark mystery box!


Infernal Eternal

Dark1 Dark2

Sinister Soldier

Dark3 Dark4 Dark5

Vicious Visionary

Dark6 Dark7 Dark8

Descendant Of Darkness

Dark9 Dark10

Paragon Of Mischief

Dark11 Dark12 Dark13

Corrupt Conqueror

Dark14 Dark15 Dark16 Dark17

Herald Of Destruction

Dark18 Dark19 Dark20



Halos & Hairdec


Will add swords soon! and don’t worry, there will be Light Mystery Box as well. (:

10 thoughts on “Dark Mystery Box 2014

  1. Hi,
    Is there a way I can order an OurWorld card online? Like one for $10, and if so where? )0_0(
    And those items look awesome >_<

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  3. oh my god these are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wonder how white box items gonna look like ;o are these all the items or there miht be more?

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