Welcome to SOC’s FAQ, or Frequently asked questions page.

1. Why is the same code appearing each week?
a. Because that is the monthly code. The monthly code stays the same all month.

2. Where is the monthly code?
a. The monthly code usually comes out near the end of the month, we don’t know anything other than that. Please be patient.

3. When is the new code coming out?
a. The Facebook code comes out every monday or tuesday around 4 or 5 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) and lasts until Sunday. The Monthly code comes out once every month.

4. How do I use the codes?
a. Go to “settings” near the top right corner of the screen, click “User settings”, scroll down to where it says “Got a coupon?” and paste the code you want into the box.

5. Why is the code not working?

  • The code you copied/typed was incorrect, double check if you have all the digits correctly.
  • (This applies to Monthly codes only) Your email was not confirmed, meaning you cannot use the codes until you have confirmed it.
  • (This applies to Facebook codes only) You do not have your facebook account linked, ourWorld requires to have your account linked to use the codes, however you do not need be logged in to use the code.
  • You have already used the code and cannot use it twice.
  • The code has expired. Double check the expiry date and post date.

About Secret ourWorld Cheats (SOC)

Please read:

This is just a fan made blog for ourWorld. More than 5 people post and edit this blog. Not just Secret.

1. We do not copy images from other blogs. We get them ourselves from Playtest or Qatest. If we do see a copied image from a blog, we would credit them or take it down immediately and replace them with our own.

2. We did not create ourWorld nor are we the Ourworld staff. We just post to inform you what’s coming in the next updates.

3. We do not make gem codes. Gem codes usually come out on Tuesdays, since it would probably be Monday in ourWorld time, or 4 – 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. We post them straight after we see them.

4. Please do not ask for us to update the codes. The monthly code comes out only once every month, and the facebook code comes out once each week. Do not comment, asking us to update the codes. Again, we will post them right after we see them.

5. We do not take blames, excuses or complaints about gem codes being late. We post them straight as we see them, if it has been commented about the gem codes we would credit them.

6. We are currently not looking for more people to blog. When we are, we would post that we are looking for more. ( The page is broken right now apparently, if you would like to contribute, please message Confusion)

7. We do NOT ALLOW off site links. Such as nothing that has to do about ourWorld.

8. Rudeness will not be tolerated either (This includes profanity/cursing). We will delete those comments. If it continues, we will mark it as spam so we won’t recieve any rude comments anymore , We also ask that you do not ask for gifts in the comments.

9. You may not use our images (Items and updates etc.) unless you link back to us. If it has “Secret ourWorld Cheats” on the images, you do not need to.

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