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Want to know what’s on the music pack CDs in ourWorld? Well here they are with the complete list! (Not fully completed. Secret got lazy. Well thats what I assume ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ~ Peek) These discs do not exist anymore on ourWorld due to copyright claims, they can be found on the marketplace.

This does not contain the new music in Buzz, Beach, Dance Planet, Flo’s diner or Midnight Cafe. You can listen to the songs here to make your choice what CD that you want on ourWorld! (The links contains Youtube or MediaFire and includes Adf.ly links. Once 5 seconds are up, click on Skip on the top right corner to continue to the music)


KP Devlin – The One

The Mellors – Port Angeles

Girls Guns and Glory – Oh My

Dave Pingel – Bright Summer Moon

Andrea Peterman – If It Were Real

Girls Guns and Glory – 667

Carrie Johnson – Nothing There I Own

Alex Woodard – Older

JD Dohnal – Hillbilly Hollywood


Blue Cow Pack 1

J Minus – After Midnight

20 Pound Shovel – All Night

The Sea Navy – Arctic Advice

 2nd Day Crush – Better Than This

Jon Chinn – Breakaway

Fumble – Breathe Out

 2nd Day Crush – Bring You Home

Pris – Bttr Go Gttr

The Treatment – Divebomb

Yoni – Fate of the Union

Blue Cow Pack 2

Love in October – Find Me Sunshine

Salme Dahlstrom – Hello California

Dyna – How To

Love in October – I Dream of Marie Antoinette

20 Pound Shovel – I’m Not Sorry

20 Pound Shovel – Regret

Rookie – Rocket

Fumble – Saviours

The Cells – She Robot

 Rookie – Shut Up and Dance

Blue Cow Pack 3

BulletProof Messenger – Can’t Quite Call It A Fall

The Treatment – Impossible Bruise

Squint – Unfinished

2nd Day Crush – Something Now

2nd Day Crush – Walk Away

Kelly Pettit – Someday

Salme Dahlstrom – Reality Check

Only You Could Make Me Happy – The Treatment (Unable to find)

Dawn Over Zero – Circulation

Dawn Over Zero – Out Of Lies

Hip Hop Ani Pack 1

Matt Kowalski – Barracuda

Push Songs – Better Than That 1

40 Watt Hype – 3 and Out

Love in October – A Day in the Life Of

Salme Dahlstrom – C’mon Yall

All Good Funk Alliance – Codeword for a Change

Xisco Ponce Jr – Consciousness of Gravity

Paulie Rhyme – Cross My Mind

Eha – Gotta Go

40 Watt Hype – Animated World

Ani Pack 2

Carrie Akre – House at the End of the World

Jonny Polonsky – How Much Do You Know

MC Know One – It’s Complicated

Push Songs – Lost My Self Control

Mud Sun – Louder

Squint – Random Caring

Aura – Reality and a Dream

Sanity – Sugartown

Push Songs – Stupid Little Me

The Magic Fly – Two Planets

Ani Pack 3

Xisco Ponce Jr. – Thin Line

The Xchange – Good Girls Gone Bad

Amora – Rise

Hollie LA – Oh No

Flytrap – Red

Flytrap – Getting Kinkee

Flytrap – Little Bit Crazy

Morph Productions – Ready or Not

Morph Productions – Copycat

Push Songs – Cravin You

Otto Pack 1

Salme Dahlstrom – Bombastic

Reggie Watts – Broken Dreams

Temposhark – Knock Me Out

Temposhark – Joy

Salme Dahlstrom – Popwreck

Science Vs Nature – I Can Fly

 Flytrap – See and Be Seen

Ali Kesanto – Runway Patrol

Eha – Fate

Eha I’m On My Way

26 thoughts on “oW Music Packs

    • Hey Stacey Idk if you still check here.. But all the songs that was on the jukebox are:
      Best of me – BulletProof Messenger
      Another day in Paradize – Flight Case
      Weak & shallow – Westland
      Never Alone – Amy Powers
      AllYaGottaDoIsDance – Push Songs
      Rock – Blip Blip Bleep
      Buildings – Sleep Walk A Robot
      Strong Woman – Arden Kaywin
      I’ll Be There – Sarah Ozelle
      Back to Life – Sarah Ozelle
      Excuses, Please – Van Go Lion
      Dry Eyes – Another Cynthia
      My Future – Taylor Mosley
      Towers – Color Radio
      Cold Dust Girl – Hey Champ
      World – Hey Champ

  1. Does anyone know the name of the 5 songs that used to play at Midnight Cafe? I was devastated when they got replaced with the regular radio, I loved those songs and can’t find them! Please, I’m desperate!!

  2. does anyone know who sang the song “La La Love” but it wasn’t the one from fergie, it was slower and kind of…. bubbly I guess you could say lol

    • u need a stereo in your condo just go to condo shop and get one then you buy a music pack cd then when you have your stereo u are able to play the music in your condo

    • Sadly, they’re no longer available. ourWorld got rid of them for some treacherous reason, but some lucky people still have them in their condos.. you can offer/buy them on the market place, the music packs are pricey though. But the stereos aren’t really expensive.

      • People on ourworld said that cds were removed because of the new copyright act that was placed on all of the cds, so ourworld had to switch to modern radio

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