July 2015 Monthly Items: Aloha

Aha, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of the Monthly Item posts didn’t you?
Well, I present July’s Monthly items!

Box July Monthly

Female Items:
F Hat July MonthlyF Necklace July Monthly F Bracelets July MonthlyF Pants July MonthlyF shoes July Monthly

Male Items:

M Hat July MonthlyM Necklace July MonthlyM Bracelets July MonthlyM Pants July Monthly M shoes July Monthly

So how do you like the new items? Do you think you will want to buy them? ^^

16 thoughts on “July 2015 Monthly Items: Aloha

  1. Does this come in a box or is it avalible if u dont buy the box to buy them without the box i mean some items

    • They don’t release them until around 4-5 PM (Eastern Daylight time). Just because it is monday doesn’t mean they come out right away. Please be patient.

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