Oberon’s Nightshade Mystery Box 2014

Ah yes. Another one and then another one. My opinion, that these look more Bento boxes than Oberon. Oh well, here’s the preview of the items (Females on the left, Males on the right) and don’t worry, the day one will be out also.

Note: Next updates are shown here. Please check this every now and again to see when their release date is. If the release date isn’t shown on that page, then it’s unknown.

Click here for Daylight.

Oberon Night Box

Nightshade Vale Jinxer

1 2 3

Nightshade Fairland Healer


Nightshade Fae Adventurer

5 6

Nightshade Fairland Envoy

7 8 9

Nightshade Glade Enchanter

10 11 12

Nightshade Sylvan Magistrate

13 14 15 16 17

Nightshade Valley Defender

18 19 20





Pixi pet




Swords and Shields




18 thoughts on “Oberon’s Nightshade Mystery Box 2014

  1. just got the butterflies lol from only 1 box so happy <3 didnt even think i would get it im glad i spent 60 gems btw great site :D

  2. i luv ur blog secret i just joined but i wanted to make sure i did but anyway all of the ppl who post on this blog r rally good so thanx really much oh PS.thanx secret for the gift

  3. Sighs I want it all. Finally something in Red, ourworld doesn’t have enough in red. Well time to save gems. ;)

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