Dark Mystery Box 2013

Well hello everyone! you may have seen Act’s post about the Light box, well I will be showing the dark ones. This is not completed yet… So be patient! ^_^

There is some that are not in it’s right color. The one’s that are grey are suppose to be red.

Dark Box

Dark1 Dark2 Dark3 Dark4

Dark5 Dark6 Dark7 Dark8 Dark9

Dark10Dark HairDark WingsDark Swords

What do you think of these items so far? Comment below! :]

Click here for the Light box items!

22 thoughts on “Dark Mystery Box 2013

  1. there is this hair in OW and it goes up to your feet, and theres alot of the hair. its not from boxes or anything, its hair that you can just buy from one of the shops but i forgot which shop and i cant find it. i know its in a place that level 5-10 can purchase, anyone know where this is from????? :( please tell me, or find it and then tell me :) i really really really really really need to find this hair PLEASE, thanks xxxxx sorry i posted this again, first time i said “feel” in the first sentence instead of ‘feet’ haha :)

  2. Can someone gift me one??? I seriously got obsessed when I saw it ♥__♥ I need the whole set.
    My username: XxMistyStarzxX

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