Gem Codes: 1st – 8th December

No Monthly. Usually out on 2nd or 3rd of the week~!




Thanks for FACEBOOK: Rawr x3, Confusion, Theresa Shanahan, saifsaiofa, II CharIie II, SuperHerox3, impossiblealex

Thanks for TOOLBAR: saifsaiofa, II CharIie II, SuperHerox3, impossiblealex

Also, I like to make a note, if you messaged someone, commented someone on ourWorld or used the Secret ourWorld Cheats Chat, saying what the codes is, it won’t be checked (Though, messaging and commenting might be checked, but they may NOT post the codes, someone else might. So if you like to have your name featured, please just comment on posts instead.

12 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 1st – 8th December

  1. We should respect that secret even made the website so let’s be respectful and be thankful she can make a website about these things! And please friend me Secret ~ AnimeFlower

  2. Hey Secret Im Just Asking For My Purpuses (i wanna make a blog) Um… Lol How Much Is The Cost Where Do U Make The Site And Tips

    Thanks Ur 1# Fan Ow Name: Owen777

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