Holiday hunt items 2014

Hia! It’s now December, and people are getting ready for Christmas, so here are the items that you can receive while doing the holiday hunt!

Frost Mystery Boxes 2009-2014
Festive Teddy Bear
Freezy Flake Scarf
Fruitcake On Your Head
Gift Wrapped Hat (5 colors)
Holly On Your Brooch
Holly On Your Head
Holly On Your Neck
Holly On Your Wrist – Left
Holly On Your Wrist – Right
Huggy Moose Hat
Huggy Reindeer Hat
Jolly Penguin
Joyful Moose
Knit Moose Hat (5 colors)
Knit Moose Scarf (5 colors)
Merry Seal
Plush Moose Antlers (5 colors)
Spiral Tree Headband
Tiny Tree Antenna
Winter Bat
…and as always, temporary and permanent candies

Here is the following images for those items!

Frost Boxes FruittyCakeomg Gift Wrapped Hat Hold1 Hollly HuggyMoose&Raindeer Knit Moose Hat Knit Moose Scarf Necklace&Hairdec Plush Moose Antlers Spiral Tree Headband

And to collect all of these wonderful items.. here is the stocking for this year!

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.17.00 PM

21 thoughts on “Holiday hunt items 2014

  1. the only bad thing about hunts is that they don’t give you the same items twice like what if i want to sell it ;____;

    btw weatherby gives the best items, trust me.

  2. Can i ue last years stocking this year ????????????????
    And when will the second wintaa items be out on store ????
    And pls add me i am”AkshayR1″

      • In the past people were not able to use the old stockings, which really sucks. I think we won’t be able to use any of the old stockings this year if that was the case. :(

  3. I always get tffies but i love the hunting idea
    i always enjoy doing to so if u can help me to get some items that will be sooooooooooooooooo gud

  4. I like this, but the problem is I don’t like hunting though.. when there are candies involves. The Frost Box is where you can get Monster Fur Boots White/Black right?

  5. Fabulous! so excited since this is the 1st time in two years that ive holiday hunted in Ow, when do we get to do this?

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