Gem Codes: 8th -15th December

Pssst… Anyone up for telling us this week’s Toolbar code?
Hey what about Monthly too?
No, I’m kidding.




Thanks for FACEBOOK: Confusion

Thanks for TOOLBAR: izzyfrizzy, Ekte, Gabi, Carolineee, frannen, Sammey

Gem Codes: 1st – 8th December

No Monthly. Usually out on 2nd or 3rd of the week~!




Thanks for FACEBOOK: Rawr x3, Confusion, Theresa Shanahan, saifsaiofa, II CharIie II, SuperHerox3, impossiblealex

Thanks for TOOLBAR: saifsaiofa, II CharIie II, SuperHerox3, impossiblealex

Also, I like to make a note, if you messaged someone, commented someone on ourWorld or used the Secret ourWorld Cheats Chat, saying what the codes is, it won’t be checked (Though, messaging and commenting might be checked, but they may NOT post the codes, someone else might. So if you like to have your name featured, please just comment on posts instead.

Gem Codes: 1st September – 8th September

Only Facebook at the moment! If you know the Toolbar for this week, we will add your name into this post!


 5D1F-A4BC-4E97-97C7 (Didn’t expect it to be the first week. Ha.)


Thank you elPassion, AmiiLoveAdii,  Shinigami, False Reality and Lobus for Toolbar!

Thank you  doodlepearl &  xXNerdyyXx for Monthly!

Gem Codes: 3rd – 9th March

Hey, codes are in today!  Well er.. I mean code is here, that code is the Facebook gem code.  Another code has arrived, HORRAY! That’s two this week, 10 more and we’re off to a good start haha, enjoy the free gems!

Facebook: 16F4-20AD-B214-882B

Toolbar: 074B-821F-B1A1-EC66

Monthly: N/A (March)

Thanks to Fox52711, Roberta Dapkute , and Shadow for the toolbar code!

Gem Codes (September 2 – September 8)

                     The September monthly gem code isn’t out yet! Sorry everyone!

    Facebook Gem Code:  1743-6518-3334-1D70

             Toolbar Gem Code : 82DF-642A-EE00-4F95

Monthly Gem Code (September) :  N/A 

                   You must be logged into Facebook for the Facebook Gem Code to work. To              use the toolbar gem code, you must have the toolbar installed and visible. The      monthly gem code is called ‘Monthly gem code’ for a reason, you can only use it once a  month!

Also the monthly code comes out 2nd or 3rd of the week~

Send Gifts On Mini Profile

Yup on the next update (8th July) we will be able to send gifts on a mini profile. Not much of a big deal though. Here’s a preview:


Oh guess what? Summer items! >:D only part one though. Not the full sets of clothes yet. Heheheh. Click here for the summer items preview.


Gem Codes: July 1st – 8th + Magic Box Information

Yes, I will be putting Gem codes and Magic box into one post since I’m too lazy to do them separate. So anyways.

Facebook Gem Code:

July Monthly Code:
N/A (Monthly codes usually comes out on the 2nd or 3rd week of the month. So be patient! ^_^)

Toolbar Code:
N/A (If you know this week’s Toolbar Code, please comment below and we will credit your user name~

Now, for the Magic Box Information. I’m too lazy to write what ourWorld said, so here’s the image. Click it to see full size.