Gem Codes: 9th – 16th September

I’m sorry. I do not know Toolbar code. But, I think Monthly will be coming verrrrrrrry soon.

DFBF-1D6F-81AD-AF27  (Thank you Big Dork!)

B495-080B-98B4-BF77 (thank you Razrim!)

8C0F-8C2D-9895-687C (Thank you Hetalia Italy!)

Use them before they expire!

36 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 9th – 16th September

  1. Can someone please help me:

    Well i made a noob account to get gems and gift me but when i click on gift and click give clothes and other items to (name of person) and it says: “Sorry, but you can only buy gifts after you have purchased gems. Coupon codes and refferal bonuses do not count.”

    What does that mean and how will i be able to gift??

    • Your other account needs to be level 24 or level 25 to gift, or buy gems.
      What they’re saying are “Sorry, but you can only buy gifts after you have bought gems. Gem codes and inviting friends does not count”
      They did this, because they would lose money if everyone did that with a level 1 account. But you can try doing gem offers, around 60 or over, that usually unlocks gifting.

      • Why reply to my message when it has nothing to do with what you said??? Heres some advise: WRITE UR OWN COMMENT AND NEVER REPLY 2 ME

    • It means u won’t be able to ever gift with any free gems only if you PURCHASE the gems then you will be able to gift but other then that, you can buy ur self ur own things 😊

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