Haunted Mansion Condo Theme + Fright 2013 Outfits

Hello, these items will be coming out on 16th September Not October. Haha.



And for the outfits, also a note: In these photos, it does not include Vamp teeth, summer items and etc. And we will add more outfits once we get enough gems to complete the other outfits.

Warden Of The Inferno:


Shadow Reaper:


Zombie Hunter:

Zombie Hunter

Some damn weird outfit… WITH MANIC TEETH! (Act) XDD (Yes, Teeth, Horns, Wings, Swords comes from the box. The rest doesn’t. You CAN’T buy them separately. Well, in Marketplace you can.)


20 thoughts on “Haunted Mansion Condo Theme + Fright 2013 Outfits

  1. In the first picture, with Secret an Seek I can see stairs in the Haunted Mansion, but in the second one, Haunted Mansion+price, the stairs are missing. Why?

    • So it can fit, or it’s just showing the preview of what it would look like in a small condo (Not the residents one) The residents one have stairs, and the tourists have no stairs. If the theme was in a Hobby room, it wouldn’t matter which way since it’s like a resident condo that never expires.

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