Gem Codes: 9th – 16th June



N/A v_v

Monthly not here yet?! Guess we have to wait a little more. I’m sure ourWorld has a reason for it.

Looks like we have to call them…. (HERE GEMMY GEMMY!)

Thanks ourworldmrsdummmy & Tindero Ng Balot for the Toolbar and Facebook.

Gem Codes: 3rd – 9th March

Hey, codes are in today!  Well er.. I mean code is here, that code is the Facebook gem code.  Another code has arrived, HORRAY! That’s two this week, 10 more and we’re off to a good start haha, enjoy the free gems!

Facebook: 16F4-20AD-B214-882B

Toolbar: 074B-821F-B1A1-EC66

Monthly: N/A (March)

Thanks to Fox52711, Roberta Dapkute , and Shadow for the toolbar code!

New Chat Log (Again) Update

ourWorld loves changing their chat logs. We first started with black chat logs then to the blue ones and now this one!


In the public chat log, you will not get whispers, you will have to switch to the Whisper tab. It will automatically give you their name to whisper to, such as “Act:”. (To the first person you were whispering to.) you change who to whisper by clicking on their heads/names. When they log off, the whisper chat log would disappear but if you are still on and they come back on, the whisper chat will come back (Your history). The friends tab is not really important though, you still get your friends bar, but this would be easier to find the person who you are looking for to chat to.

(I would like to add a note, when you get this update (9th December) you won’t be able to whisper someone offline/stealth when you type “Example:” it will not highlight blue.)

What do you think of this update? I find it useful, when you are in a public area to someone you are talking to and your friend starts spamming your chat log *Hint hint to Act* you wouldn’t get that anymore, it would be in a separate tab!

Gem Codes: 2nd – 9th December

Woot, December! :D (Oh, I like to say that Veronica won’t be in Soho anymore + no Bejeweled items or Popcap. (NO PLANT VS ZOMBIES NUUUUUUU) *Ahem* Still no Monthly or Toolbar. Guess we still have to wait… BLEH I’M NOT GOOD AT WAITING! oh right, here’s Facebook code



Gem Codes: 16th – 22th September

Awesome, all the codes are here today! Use the gem codes and save for fright boxes :D These codes each give 100 10 gem codes D: Oh well <_<


 8C0F-8C2D-9895-687C (SEPTEMBER)





Gem Codes: 9th – 16th September

I’m sorry. I do not know Toolbar code. But, I think Monthly will be coming verrrrrrrry soon.

DFBF-1D6F-81AD-AF27  (Thank you Big Dork!)

B495-080B-98B4-BF77 (thank you Razrim!)

8C0F-8C2D-9895-687C (Thank you Hetalia Italy!)

Use them before they expire!