Swimsuit Store

I certainly haven’t went to the Beach in a long time. So I decided to visit. While you’re there, and you don’t have a swimsuit, the Beach help provides you with a Swimsuit store so that you can purchase some of the ‘basic’ bathing suits. I never bothered checking because I KNEW they always had the same suits for sale. Instead, when I checked today, there were different suits!

Here’s a recap.
I went to the Beach:

And I clicked on the swimsuit store:

And there used to be ‘drab and basic’ bathing suits in the store, but now, there were different ones!:

As you can see they won’t be there FOREVER. So it will go back to the drab and basic swimsuits.

You may have already seen this. But I haven’t yet, so to those who haven’t seen them either, they look better, don’t they? Comment!

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