Double Marketplace Items

A lot of people have been questioning me asking me why there were about two of the exact same items in the Marketplace.

Capricious Party Dresses

I used the example of the Capricious Party Dress. You see, when there are two of the same items in the Marketplace, it simply means that one item is a starter item.
Simple, this item is also available in the stores, one is free when you join. Obviously, the dress bought with gems is sold for more. So it wouldn’t be fair to sell them in the same category. Which is exactly why they’re two gem-sold dresses with different prices.

That goes out for the trading dresses. They aren’t sold together because one is worth more depending on whether you bought it for gems, or you have joined.

If you still don’t understand, let me know in ourWorld!


Verify Your Email

I’ve never experienced this type of thing before. But let’s just say that when you’re playing your computer at a friend’s house, this might suddenly pop up:

Ourworld, verifying, email

So if you ever bring a laptop or a technology over to your friend’s house to play ourWorld, this might pop up and you just have to easily go to your email, and click on the link to be able to access ourWorld at your friend’s house.

Simple enough, right?


Comment what you think!

 ~ Paulette

Swimsuit Store

I certainly haven’t went to the Beach in a long time. So I decided to visit. While you’re there, and you don’t have a swimsuit, the Beach help provides you with a Swimsuit store so that you can purchase some of the ‘basic’ bathing suits. I never bothered checking because I KNEW they always had the same suits for sale. Instead, when I checked today, there were different suits!

Here’s a recap.
I went to the Beach:

And I clicked on the swimsuit store:

And there used to be ‘drab and basic’ bathing suits in the store, but now, there were different ones!:

As you can see they won’t be there FOREVER. So it will go back to the drab and basic swimsuits.

You may have already seen this. But I haven’t yet, so to those who haven’t seen them either, they look better, don’t they? Comment!

Follow Up Of Azia’s Challenges!

Hello everyone! This is a follow up to my ‘Azia’s Challenges’ post. I didn’t mention the new ‘looks’ of the challenges. I didn’t accept those challenges, but when I did, it was new! The update to the challenge but a lot more better! Here, take a look:

When you accept the challenge, you look at this:

Then, once you click on one of those Azia Faces, you’ll see this:

See? I think these new updates pretty much speaks for itself, so once beginning oW members come along, and decide to do challenges, they’ll have no trouble at all!

Comment =)

Ritz Shop in Soho

So, I have not been in Soho for a little while now. But, when I did, I noticed that the Ritz store has come out. I was really shocked, and I must have been late knowing this news. Anyways, if you have not gone to Soho just like me.

Here are some of the recent happenings:

They look pretty expensive to me. I don’t get a lot of coins. But, maybe you do.

Are you going to buy any?
Or aren’t you? Leave a comment below!

The Randomizer

Hey guys. So most of you know, the Randomizer has recently came out. If you didn’t know, the Randomizer allows itself to create “random” outfits from “random”clothing’s in your inventory.

Here are some of the outfits the Randomizer have made:

Hehe, so they aren’t the best outfits. But then again, it’s the Randomizer. Have you tried using the Randomizer? Has it given you any “great” outfits? Comment!