Stand/Walk On Water At The Beach Glitch

Is it possible to walk on the water in the beach (Residents area)? Yes it is! Some of you guys may know this, but some may not.

Step 1: Go to The Beach, it is a Residents/Zoes member area. If you are not a Resident/Zoes then you can ask one of your Resident/Zoe friends to group you at the beach.

Step 2: Sit on a chair at the beach, there should be 2 chairs.

Step 3: Click a spot in the water, before your character enters the water, quickly click another area of the water again.

And there you go, you can now walk on the water and you can even use dance moves on the water.

This also works at toxic beach as well, you first need to be green otherwise it will reset and you will be in the water and will have to do it all over again.

my favorite glitch :)

Frost Box Price and Outfit Preview (Islands Theme Added)

Note: Next updates are shown here. Please check this every now and again to see when their release date is. If the release date isn’t shown on that page, then it’s unknown.

Here is the price of the Frost Box. The outfits may be out tomorrow or the day after.

Frost Box PriceOutfit preview:

Arctic Spirit Crystal Captain Frigid Floral Frozen Flurry Frozen Royalty Glacial General


Well, might as well add in the Islands as well. On the next update, the islands are going winter themed!

Beatstreet Boardwalk Eletric Nevermore Park Pier Soho The Beach Vegas Wonderland

How To Take Over Islands Glitch

Want a new color theme in the island, like this one?


Here’s how!

Step 1: Wear Giant Potion (Not the 15 minutes or otherwise you won’t get this)

Step 2: Wear some costume. I’m wearing a snowman costume with red scarf

Step 3: Get account/friend that has baby bottles (You can get from crews) and make sure your other account isn’t in the same crew with you. Otherwise it wouldn’t work

Step 4: Throw the baby bottle (But don’t refresh) and then you will become skinny. Wait for it to wear off


Step 5: You will become a bit more fatter. Throw another one and wait till it wears off. (Maybe try this 10 times or 13?)


And walla. (Maybe zoom out too. By holding Ctrl on your keyboard and –

red redy

Credits to Secret for telling me how

Credits to Insane Mind and Secretly for throwing the baby bottles

Credits to OwGods Allison, Acts and molly194 for being there and joining the fun c:

Halloween Islands + Trick or Treat Basket ~2013~

Hey! are you excited for Halloween? No? not in real life? Ok. BUT what about ourWorld? uh? uh? yes? Good. I am here to show you the islands and the horrible amazing looking basket!

Trick or Tret



Beat Street
beat streetBoardwalk

boardwalkElectric Avenue

electric avenuePier




Vegas World

vegas world

wonderland wonderland2

Wonderland will be coming soon!


New Vegas World Site

Hi everyone, just coming back from Darwin and back to posting! Anyways,

Vegas world has just released, and I will give you a tour of how to play.

So, to level up, you play games. Test modes won’t work.

Also you can buy outfits instead of single clothes. But you can make custom outfits in your inventory.

And not to forget, you can send free spins to your friends! so they can win coins.

That ends our tour. Here’s the link:

Swimsuit Store

I certainly haven’t went to the Beach in a long time. So I decided to visit. While you’re there, and you don’t have a swimsuit, the Beach help provides you with a Swimsuit store so that you can purchase some of the ‘basic’ bathing suits. I never bothered checking because I KNEW they always had the same suits for sale. Instead, when I checked today, there were different suits!

Here’s a recap.
I went to the Beach:

And I clicked on the swimsuit store:

And there used to be ‘drab and basic’ bathing suits in the store, but now, there were different ones!:

As you can see they won’t be there FOREVER. So it will go back to the drab and basic swimsuits.

You may have already seen this. But I haven’t yet, so to those who haven’t seen them either, they look better, don’t they? Comment!

Secret Seat at the Beach

I was at the beach one day and i got bored so i started moving my mouse over the rocks, and what do you know, I found a secret seat!

1). Go to the beach. (If your not a resident or Zoe’s club then have someone group you their.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2). Walk over the the Beach Sign.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

3). Their will be a rock right next to the sign and near the diving board, more your mouse over it and you’ll see the seat icon. Click and you’ll sit.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ta-da!  you’re sitting on a rock.


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Random Sand Ripple!

Okay, so I was at the beach and I saw this ripple…. But it was in the SAND! It’s a very funny bug/glitch. In case you were wondering…. Yes, their were people in the water so that might have caused the sand ripple. I kept walking over the ripple but nothing happened. When I walked into the water it disappeared! Never to be seen again. Here’s a picture.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
What do you think of this glitch?

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Be A Boat!

Some people, like me think Cake Mania Marie Antoinette isn’t so cool than the others.

To make it look funny, you need to get to beach, have a kid potion 2 and Marie Antoinette cake. (15 min ones are ok too)

First get to beach and wear potion and cake.

Then, go to water

You’re a boat! Thanks to boat on hair in the costume.

Move around and have fun as a boat! :D