More About Secret and Blog

Hey, I’m back and with more info about Secret and about this blog!

Question: Secret, what made you decide to switch blogs from your first one, to this current one?
Reply: Well, there wasn’t much viewers and many moderators posting the same thing.

Question: Which posts would you post onto the blog, and which ones would you decide to trash? Explain.
Reply: Well, I would trash the posts that weren’t about OurWorld or the posts that were already on the blog. That wouldn’t be very useful to the Ow members.

Question: As the only Administrator of this blog, how would you decide which OurWorlders would be allowed to join this blog?
Reply: Mostly anyone who wants to, but if they do not contribute blogs or posts, they’ll be removed.

Question: When was your previous blog and this one created? Also, on your last blog, how many viewers did it receive before you left?
Reply: My last blog was created in May, 2011. Since, it had about 3,500 viewers. This blog was created sometime between January and February.

Question: How were you able to name the websites? The old one, and this current one.
Reply: Well, since my oldest name was Gold Star Girl, I thought I would put ‘Gold’ in front of OurWorld Cheats. Since my name has changed in the past to ‘Secret’ I made a new website that would’ve been Secret before the Ourworldcheats.

Well, that ends our interview. I’ve certainly learned something new about this blog and the previous one. Did you learn some new facts? Comment!

See you soon. From your reporter, Julianna.

4 thoughts on “More About Secret and Blog

  1. Oh, thanks. I just came up with it since I wasn’t able to contribute any posts or anything in a few weeks. I didn’t feel very confortable that way.

    But, yeah. Thanks !

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