Looking For Contributors/Authors~(CLOSED)

Yup, I’m now looking for more Contributors/Authors. We’re getting pretty much a lot of views of this blog lately. So I was thinking to get more Contributors. We only have a very few posting, and lots that are not posting. Activate ones are:
Secret, Act, Nearly, Poof, Careful, Pink Gift, Confusion

So anyways, to become one here is simple steps:

1. Comment your WordPress username. If you do not have one, you can easily make one.

2. Are you a Playtester? (To post new updates of course. If not, it’s okay. You can post about gem codes or cheats)

3. Do you know how to post? (Just a simple question to people who don’t know how to post yet!)

4. Good spelling. For example u which is suppose to be “you” bout is suppose to be about and so on. Because these are not proper grammar and writing structure. ~ Act

Contributor’s can post but have to wait for an admin or editor to publish their post first.

Author’s can post without waiting for an admin or editor to publish.

This post will be deleted once we got enough people. Since this is a duplicate from this post.

Gem Codes: July 1st – 8th + Magic Box Information

Yes, I will be putting Gem codes and Magic box into one post since I’m too lazy to do them separate. So anyways.

Facebook Gem Code:

July Monthly Code:
N/A (Monthly codes usually comes out on the 2nd or 3rd week of the month. So be patient! ^_^)

Toolbar Code:
N/A (If you know this week’s Toolbar Code, please comment below and we will credit your user name~

Now, for the Magic Box Information. I’m too lazy to write what ourWorld said, so here’s the image. Click it to see full size.


Interview with Secret

Heyaaaaaaa! I got bored and there hasn’t been a post for a while. So I might just do an interview with Secret. As she lets out her secrets! muahahaha!   Ah! anyways here is the interview!

Act: Soooo, how long have you been on ourWorld?
Secret: I’ve joined ourWorld since 2010 December 28th. Then came back on February 2011 14th.

Act: Since when did you finished your condo? and what did it looked like when your old name was White Light?
Secret: Oh! I’ve that saved. Here’s a picture of my living room since August 2011.save

Act: Are you still working on your condo now?
Secret: Not really, I just edit things or add things to the condo. Oh, also update the decals. The current ones are: Kitchen decal (Made by Poof) Garage disco decal (By Poof) and all the rest are made by me.

Act: If you ever quit ourWorld, what would you do exactly?
Secret: Well, I most differently wouldn’t lock my condo. That would make people feel down. And why in the world would I quit?!

Act: How did you become popular?
Secret: At first, since August 2011, I made Dance party events then went to Random Party events. You need to put a good description of your party. Create 1 event at every 5 hours.

Act: What happens if you are a tourist and can’t make events?
Secret: I’ll never be a tourist, unless I had a life which would be having a family. Which would happen in lots of years time, so don’t worry! But here’s a tip for the tourists that want to be popular. First you have to make your condo into a School. Everyone loves schools on here, don’t they? Then get your friends to invite their friends and the food chain *Coughs* I mean grouping chain goes on and on then everyone starts to know you! (Thank you for the random people who WERE grouping their friends to my condo when I couldn’t make events)

Act: Everyone, well mostly everyone. Is a bit curious of what your birth date is and your real name.
Secret: I shall not speak of the year, but I’ll tell the month and day. March 29th and my name is Riana.

Act: Why did you created this blog and WHY are you deleting the chat? (CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO VOTE FOR TO KEEP THE CHAT!)
Secret: I believe this was posted by another member of this blog. Click here. The reason why I’m deleting the chat, is because I can not view it anymore after the format of my behated (not beloved) computer. Instead, I’ve made Act owner of the chat to keep eye on things.

Act: What do you usually do when you come on ourWorld?
Secret: Well, If Seek is online, we would go on a random island and talk random. If Poof was on, We would differently talk about glitches, new updates, stuff that are funny. And if I ever see my Squishy, named Pink Gift, I would not feed her for days and did I ever mention she is a bad squishy? And if no one is online that I know, I would go to Kaban sheep and earn flow while I’m so god damn bored.

Act: What is it like being popular?
Secret: Well, the positive thing is that you get gifted sometimes, get people saying “omg secret!” or saying they like your outfit. The negative thing is when people ask for gifts, trade, adopt (if you are a high level), get selfish messages. Which is rarely.

Act: Does it matter about the super rare items you are wearing to look so rich?
Secret: No it doesn’t. Even if you do wear rich items  it DOESN’T mean they’re rich of gems. If they ever sold their items they would be rich of COINS not gems. Also another thing, wearing 2010 or later items don’t make you look popular or cool. Being yourself does.

So! that wraps off our interview. And blah blah o.o

More About Secret and Blog

Hey, I’m back and with more info about Secret and about this blog!

Question: Secret, what made you decide to switch blogs from your first one, to this current one?
Reply: Well, there wasn’t much viewers and many moderators posting the same thing.

Question: Which posts would you post onto the blog, and which ones would you decide to trash? Explain.
Reply: Well, I would trash the posts that weren’t about OurWorld or the posts that were already on the blog. That wouldn’t be very useful to the Ow members.

Question: As the only Administrator of this blog, how would you decide which OurWorlders would be allowed to join this blog?
Reply: Mostly anyone who wants to, but if they do not contribute blogs or posts, they’ll be removed.

Question: When was your previous blog and this one created? Also, on your last blog, how many viewers did it receive before you left?
Reply: My last blog was created in May, 2011. Since, it had about 3,500 viewers. This blog was created sometime between January and February.

Question: How were you able to name the websites? The old one, and this current one.
Reply: Well, since my oldest name was Gold Star Girl, I thought I would put ‘Gold’ in front of OurWorld Cheats. Since my name has changed in the past to ‘Secret’ I made a new website that would’ve been Secret before the Ourworldcheats.

Well, that ends our interview. I’ve certainly learned something new about this blog and the previous one. Did you learn some new facts? Comment!

See you soon. From your reporter, Julianna.