Gem Codes: August 31 – September 7


Facebook Code:
(Expires Sept 7, 2020)
Ourworld announced that they will be stopping gem codes for the time being. 

10 thoughts on “Gem Codes: August 31 – September 7

  1. So, what’s going to happen with the Facebook Connect Flow Boost? Can we still connect to facebook and keep that boost, or does it disappear with the new launch?

  2. so no monthly codes which was already not that many gems and now no facebook codes which was the only way to get gems for those who can’t buy. how can we continue in this game! the new items 90% suck and the other 10% you can’t buy them because there is no gems. I think it’s time to quit.

    • i agree, this is very disrespectful what they are doing. ive been playing this game for too many years and now they are just putting excuses

    • Since flash player wont be supported after december in 2020, and ourworld is using it, they’re basically moving to a downloadable launcher which means that you wont have facebook access. By that logic all players that are currently playing ourworld from their facebook and not the ourworld site will have to write ( if they want to ofcourse ) the ourworld staff an email so that they can get a proper login email. I explained this the best I could but you could always add me on oW so i can explain a bit more <3!

    • basically because adobe flash player is now coming to an end this december (which ourworld depends on) they have to move their game to a different platform to keep it going (a downloadable client where we would download the game on our computers and play from that with internet access) and because of that, we will no longer be able to play ourworld on facebook (which is the reason why there’s weekly facebook gem codes) so for the time being they are stopping gem codes until everything is settled

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