Gem Codes: September 14 – September 21

Facebook Code:
(Expires Sept 21, 2020)

Facebook codes will continue until the downloadable client goes live. After the client goes live, gem purchasing and gem earning will come to an end. You will still have gems on your account, but once its all spent – that is it.

Credits to:
for the information on Zendesk;

3 thoughts on “Gem Codes: September 14 – September 21

  1. I can’t get the facebook gems anymore, haven’t been able to for some months now. I think it is bc OW don’t run on adobe flash no more and planning on shutting down for some time in December 2020, bc you can’t even load the game on facebook. (but you can enter on Ourworld website)
    I can’t get my facebook gems now bc of this?
    Do you know what I could do?

    • as long as you’re account is connected to facebook you can use the gemcodes by simply logging into the ourworld site and adding a /facebook to the url and then pressing enter.

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