Looking For Bloggers! (CLOSED BY ACT. Read below why)

It’s closed because Secret is feeling very very bad about her self, so whenever she feels better she will look through the comments and send an invitation. So any new posts from the new bloggers, I will look through them and decide to post them or not. Thanks! :D

Yes, reopened this old post. Just looking for more active bloggers out there!

To join, you will need a valid WordPress username (not the temp ones that you get for commenting), comment your WordPress user name below and you should get an invitation within 18 hours or less by email (The account you have registered with) and then just click join/activate or whatever the new WordPress button is now… ^_^

Also one thing to add, I will ask a question and your answer should be with your comment: “What are you going to post on this blog?” just a simple question, it can be more than one that you’re going to post, such as Gem codes, Updates, Cheats and whatever idea you have in mind. (:

If you have any questions about posting, please message Secretly (Another account of mine. If you message my main, I probably won’t be able to see it since I get loads.)

Another edit: I do not need your email or your blog URL address, just your WordPress username. Thank you~

87 thoughts on “Looking For Bloggers! (CLOSED BY ACT. Read below why)

  1. Hey secret! Sorry for commenting again, but I would still like to be a blogger on secretourworldhcheats!

    I can do:
    -Gem codes
    -Clothing coming soon
    -Furniture coming soon
    -Cheats and tricks
    -And more!
    -I am trying to become a playtester during the spring, cause that is when they are taking people!

    My wordpress name is the same as this name, it is ourworldmrsdummy.


  2. hey secret i think i am totally ready for writing if you asked for and i would write posts about gem codes,updates,boxes,items and statistics about items and what people like…
    word press name : BlazingBolt ourworld name: cool mario1
    i am ready for the questions and to impress you ….

  3. hey i got my wordpress name: BlazingBolt i can write gems codes,i can write about the new updates,about items,boxes and statistics for the items and the people and i am ready to start writing if you asked for… i am ready to answer the questions and to impress you secret .

  4. Facebook:
    From 10 Feb 2014 to 17 Feb 2014

  5. I had sent an invitation to be on this blog but i still havent gotton a reply – wordpress name – glitterbunny3 plz let me join i hv got some experience

  6. Hi secret! (And friends!) I would LOVE to be part of this site. I have a bit experience on blogging and editing, so I could do gem codes, updates, cheats, tricks, and all that good stuff.

    WordPress username: ourworldmrsdummmy

    Hopefully you guys invite me! :D

  7. Hey thank you, i’m a contribute now. But I have a question, can I like post pictures of random amazing outfits of people? Or I have to post only gem codes, etc.. c: thank you

    • If it’s new items that hasn’t came to Live ow, then yes, depends if you have a Playtest or not for taking photos of the character modeling the new outfits, if not I could help with that if you like~

      • Yes please, cause I currently don’t have any. Like the march items? I would like to post outfits about that c;

  8. I want to join please. I’m always available (as you see no life) And I always check for updates for gem codes. I can help with new glitches etc.. My WordPress username is: danamurad99 and my email is (Removed by Mod for safety reasons :3) and ourworld is Egbert99 hope you choose me <3

  9. PLEASE SECRET ARE YOU THERE? IVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG! O.O I will treat people then the people will treat me the same way as i treat them. i will post nicely comments. so… wordpress username: nguyenminda1
    ourworld name: LOV3ABL3
    Invitation me~ Ill be glad to be in the blank spot! :D

    • When you’re on the home page of SecretourWorldCheats, on the top left corner it has “Secret ourWorld Cheats” hover your mouse over it and then hover your mouse over New and then click Post. To insert pictures, you upload them to Tinypic, Photobucket or any picture uploading place you know and copy the link, on your post you should see “Visual|Text” click Text, you will see little buttons that say: b, i, link, b-quote, del, ins, img, ul, ol, code and etc. Click img and insert the url in there, click ok and click ok again, then go back to Visual to start writing.

  10. Secret, My word press has just got started up. I want to be a part of your blog. I feel that I can help with gem codes, new clothing, and some updates. I’m posting on my blog you may look. Please let me know if you have space for just one more!

  11. Yes, hello Secret. I am an author (I think) and I am new. I am wondering what I should start a post about. I know it’s dumb but I couldn’t think of anything. Possibly you could think of any ideas? I can post anything really. Thanks a bunch, see you some time later! :)

    P.S. My name on ourWorld is AwesomePotato. c:

  12. Hi, I am coolboy5797, I would like to be in one of the positions? It would be a honer working with the best people on OW.

    tags: secret, act, ourworld, job

  13. This is to Secret.
    The wordpress is not allowing me to upload picture files. I checked to make sure it was the right format (PNG,JPG,etc) and looked at a fourm but I wanted to ask if you knew what was wrong.

    p.s It says IO error when I try to upload a picture to a post.

  14. Hello, so are all the positions filled or are there some left? Sorry if you think I’m asking too many questions, but I’m kinda new to this. ^.^

  15. Hello Sir/Mam,
    Im a great Author and i already own a blog Link removed. and i know a lot of hack about this game. I would be of a great use to your site and i honestly think you and i are both lucky to have commented. Anyways, my username is henryoo7 and ow username is mr henry. Hope i will be invited here.

      • hey again, please could i be promoted to author i don’t really like waiting for approval’s for my post(s). I would really appreciate it.

      • You can only get promoted with good posts as stated in this one post. To get good post, you’ve to: Add tags (Always inculd ourWorld) and categories PLUS putting your words in the middle and something that has to do with ourWorld and this blog. Nothing about Hacks on here. That would be breaking the terms and conditions.

  16. I have it all worked out now i think. I’ll just repeat it.
    My WordPress name is (I think) welovefrostytheferret
    This was an old name(and account)..

  17. Hello, my username is victorianguyen2002. I have a question though. Do I have to post only gem codes if I get invited? Thanks! (:

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