Looking For Contributors/Authors~(CLOSED)

Yup, I’m now looking for more Contributors/Authors. We’re getting pretty much a lot of views of this blog lately. So I was thinking to get more Contributors. We only have a very few posting, and lots that are not posting. Activate ones are:
Secret, Act, Nearly, Poof, Careful, Pink Gift, Confusion

So anyways, to become one here is simple steps:

1. Comment your WordPress username. If you do not have one, you can easily make one.

2. Are you a Playtester? (To post new updates of course. If not, it’s okay. You can post about gem codes or cheats)

3. Do you know how to post? (Just a simple question to people who don’t know how to post yet!)

4. Good spelling. For example u which is suppose to be “you” bout is suppose to be about and so on. Because these are not proper grammar and writing structure. ~ Act

Contributor’s can post but have to wait for an admin or editor to publish their post first.

Author’s can post without waiting for an admin or editor to publish.

This post will be deleted once we got enough people. Since this is a duplicate from this post.

Looking For Bloggers! (CLOSED BY ACT. Read below why)

It’s closed because Secret is feeling very very bad about her self, so whenever she feels better she will look through the comments and send an invitation. So any new posts from the new bloggers, I will look through them and decide to post them or not. Thanks! :D

Yes, reopened this old post. Just looking for more active bloggers out there!

To join, you will need a valid WordPress username (not the temp ones that you get for commenting), comment your WordPress user name below and you should get an invitation within 18 hours or less by email (The account you have registered with) and then just click join/activate or whatever the new WordPress button is now… ^_^

Also one thing to add, I will ask a question and your answer should be with your comment: “What are you going to post on this blog?” just a simple question, it can be more than one that you’re going to post, such as Gem codes, Updates, Cheats and whatever idea you have in mind. (:

If you have any questions about posting, please message Secretly (Another account of mine. If you message my main, I probably won’t be able to see it since I get loads.)

Another edit: I do not need your email or your blog URL address, just your WordPress username. Thank you~