Gem Codes: January 29 – February 4

Facebook: 76AE-A9F2-86CD-B555
(Expires Feb, 4, 2018)


January Monthly: 6A37-72FB-32C8-5F80
(Expires Feb, 4, 2018)

Please click here for the FAQ Page. Most of the questions about gem codes are answered there. How to redeem and why it isn’t working etc.


Gem Codes: January 22 – January 28

Facebook: 0555-55FE-EC02-E38A
(Expires Jan, 28, 2018)

 2 Monthlies:

{expiring at 11:59pm on 01/28/2018} December’s code

{expiring at 11:59pm on 02/04/2018} January’s code.