Gem Codes: June 8 – June 14

Facebook: 4A35-E2FE-F98E-D27F
Monthly: F150-3956-EBCB-E2FF

Please enjoy these gems! Remember to keep a lookout on this post just incase the monthly code is released! ^^
Thank you Micky and sophielongnose for the Facebook gem code
Thank you OwLittleMonster and Juanitta Alphone for the Monthly

25 thoughts on “Gem Codes: June 8 – June 14

    • Go to “Settings”, “user settings”, then scroll down to where it says “Got a coupon?” and paste/enter it into there

    • To use the codes, you go to settings, user settings, and scroll down to where it says “got a coupon?”. Enter/paste the code into there!

      A note though: You can only use the facebook code if your ourworld account is connected to a facebook account.

  1. hello gyes can u please release the monthly codes i have to buy the new stuff cuz i cant get gems through videos so please release hurry

    • As I’ve stated before, we cannot control when the codes come out. We will, however, be sure to tell everyone the code when it comes out.

  2. guys i have a problem it’s that when ever i enter a code it never gives me gems and does not eve say anything for e.g coupon denied etc or anything like that never comes :/ pleas help me :(( v.v

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