ourWorld: Halloween Items 2014 Females -UPDATED 6-

Just a thought, to make these post separate so you don’t get confuse which is female and which is male. You can see the male items by clicking here.

Hat5Male Shirt5 Belt5Male Pants5 Shoes5


Hat18 Bodysuit18 Paws18 Boots18 Tail18

FemalehairShirt6 Pants6 Socks6 Shoes6Jacket20

  Dress20 Socks20 Shoes20Hat8Dress8Gun




Jacket3 Skirts3 Socks3 Shoes3

Dress4 Shoes4

Ears7Dress7 Socks7 Shoes7Many more coming soon! Keep checking back for more!

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28 thoughts on “ourWorld: Halloween Items 2014 Females -UPDATED 6-

  1. Ahem… ourworld you should save these items for next year, you will run out of ideas if you don’t and maybe we’ll have a bad halloween next year D:

  2. About time they add a fur suit. =P imma furry… I don’t yiff though. Don’t act like I’m some pervert. I really like the paws. The hair, bat ears, first shirts and socks are also very nice.

    • Thats alot, you should save up and get loads, maybe buy zoes and bid on stuff :D and get stuff really high. save 1000 gems then buy zoes with real money then bam you won a bid with 1000 gems :P

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