Jellyfish Monthly items preview + August Resident Item

You all been wondering the price and what they would look like, so here they are! c;

As you all know every monthly item comes out on the first of the month of your time zone. They will come out on 12:00AM 1st August (Your time)


Without that huge umbrella:


Price: (Crossed out the 000 to show you how much they would really be in gems.)


and August monthly item! (You use the right or left arrow key to get a different animation!)


(Thank you Secret for the gif)

July Resident

16 thoughts on “Jellyfish Monthly items preview + August Resident Item

  1. Also, could you guys one day tell us how you get to wear the new monthly items so early, or do you just live in a far away time zone

    • Nice, Also thanks for inviting me to Secret Ourworld Cheats like 2-3 weeks ago. P.S:I don’t usually talk like this, i talk like this, wutup dogggg! you know what im sayinnnnnnnnnnnnnnng.

    • Pssst. You have to go undercover if you want to put it in your condo

      • Edit * God damn Riana, change the coding back. Keeps making > _ > or < _ < into bold.
        oh and * near edit is changing to ;-;

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