ourWorld Update: New Chat Log

On the next update (Nov 20th) ourWorld will be changing the chat log! Here is a preview of it:

What do you think? I find it quite lovely, how it shows who is in the room.

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About Secret

Hello, I been playing ourWorld since December 28 2010, but I found it very boring back then but time went past and got friends. Friends are the reason that makes you play. If you have none, what can you do? I rather be treated as a normal player, normal person. Not famous. To me, the word famous seems nothing. Call me famous when I achieve my goal, not a game. Which would be like 10 years or more. You can stay herah馃憟, but I'm going herah.馃憠 m谋谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈谈台ade

2 thoughts on “ourWorld Update: New Chat Log

  1. i use to be a newb and it was hard to get up to the top and now i’m on lvl 33 because of you secret thanx you with all my heart! :D

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