Contest Winners Items (COMPLETE)

Well, first place has only been made. And here’s the first place winner item! The rest will be up soon.

Both of these will be in Male and Females. Short and Long.

First place

Second Place

Third Place

Staff Pick

Summer Contest Winners Price Items

HELLO! You saw the preview of the hairs, Mustaches, Black Sailor, Butterfly, Ice-Cream…. *Hungryyyyyyy* Anyways! here what it looks like on a character and the prices!


Prices for Females:


Prices for Males:


Ohh. Guess what? c:


These beautiful boxes. I don’t see a sign of the 2011 boxes.. So you better get the 2011 before they go on August 18th!

Uhmm. Here’s side views of the hair. Not so amazing but still.. :3