Summer 2013 items (Male)

Hello >:O .Um so I brought you guys some of the male items which didn’t come out yet in stores ^^ Anyway here are them …

Unknown Shirt,Jacket,Shorts and Shoes names.

Unknown Pants and Shirt names.

Unknown Shirt,Hat,Shorts,Belt and Sunglasses names.

Unknown Jacket,Shirt and Shorts names.

Unknown Short,Shirt,Jacket,Hat,Shoes and Sunglasses names

Unknown Short,Shirt,Jacket,Hat,Shoes and Sunglasses names.

Unknown Hat,Bodysuit and shoes names.

So what do you think? Would you be buying any? :D
Comment and tell us below ^^

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Interview With Our Secrets Crew Owner

Hello, I found a very interesting Crew called “Our Secrets”

the reason it was interesting is because it has “Secret” L.O.L!

So anyways, here’s an interview with Unknown Secret (The owner)

Act: When did you created the crew?
Unknown Secret: Our crew “Our Secrets” started 9-3-12

Act: Why did you created the crew, was it for being a family or just for the prizes?
Unknown Secret: My friend and I, Yuki (Terrible Secret) started the crew just to be a family I guess. A while ago we had our friends all change their names to something alike and now we made a crew.

Act: How did you thought of your crew name?
Unknown Secret:  Our name is “Our Secrets” because that’s just what we are, everyone from the crew is something Secret!

Act: Can anyone join the crew?
Unknown Secret: Anyone can join the crew as long as they put <Something> Secret. Example: Unknown Secret, Terrible Secret.

Act: Do you have your own crew website or even planning on to have one?
Unknown Secret: No. Everything we have to say to our members is either sent by message or on the crew’s private about.

Act: Do you have a contest for your crew members or waiting for more members to join?
Unknown Secret: I think once more people join and the elevator is higher we will start a contest.

Act: What would you do differently to your crew in the future?
Unknown Secret: Nothing, our crew is fine just the way it is. I love each and everyone of the Secrets.<3

Act: Anything else you would like to add, for our readers?
Unknown Secret: People should check out the crew and join! [:

Well, that’s about it for now! what do you think about this crew? would you join it? Leave a comment!

Ahem… This is my first post… v.v”