New Vegas World Site

Hi everyone, just coming back from Darwin and back to posting! Anyways,

Vegas world has just released, and I will give you a tour of how to play.

So, to level up, you play games. Test modes won’t work.

Also you can buy outfits instead of single clothes. But you can make custom outfits in your inventory.

And not to forget, you can send free spins to your friends! so they can win coins.

That ends our tour. Here’s the link:

Vagas Is Open!

Yup, Vagas is open. Sorry I am late to post this, been very busy. So anyways here is stuff about it!

Shop for clothes, even tho their expensive but it’s worth it!

Go to Shipwreck lounge and have fun. Even me and Red Sun are, rofl. ^_^

After 4 hours later this is what it looks like empty with my noob “Act”:

That ends our fun tour of Vagas. What’s your favorite place?

Also thanks Red Sun for being in these pictures. ^_^