How To Keep Your Best Friend In ourWorld

Hey guys it’s CookeeClock! I am a new blogger and I have finally came up with an idea for a post. It might seem kind of boring so just bear with me. So, in ourWorld it is not that hard to find a best friend; it is very hard to keep it though. Do you ever feel like you lose touch with your best friend too quickly?   I want to help you. Just follow some of these tips for a friendship that will last for decades.

1. Learn what time your best friend will be on ourworld. When you guys are on at different times getting together will be a lot harder. If you learn the time and schedule of your friends you will spend much more time with them. :)

2. Ask them questions about their personality. In ourWorld you can’t judge a person by just looking at their avatar. Knowing about them makes good conversation when your hanging out together. It also makes it easier to relate to them. Just don’t ask too many questions in one day. They might think your  weird.

3. Get to know their friends too. When your best friend wants to hang out with both of you, you don’t want to make it awkward. Already knowing your best friend’s friends will help your best friend know that they can hang out with both of you with out an awkward silence.

4. When at a big ourWorld party whisper chat them. I have been to parties with A LOT of people. When you want to have a conversation with your best friend without getting interrupted just whisper chat them. It makes it easier to talk to them. You can whisper about personal things without judgement. Can’t whisper chat? Try to message them.

5. Last but not least HAVE FUN! Don’t be a boring best friend. Be weird, party, do whatever you want as long as you have fun. That’s what best friends are for right? XD

If you ever have problems with keeping your best friend. Just look back here! If you ever have problems, DON’T STOP BELIEVING!

New Glitch ~ Two Familiars


Here’s a new glitch for only the familiars Lady Rainicorn, and Lord Monochromicorn ! Usually your only allowed to wear one familiar. I found a glitch where you are allowed to wear two familiars (which only includes of Lady Rainicorn and Lord Monochromicorn.)

1. Make an outfit with Lady Rainicorn or Lord Monochromicorn in it. (Either way is fine)

2. Wear the outfit.

3. Put on Lord Monochromicorn or Lady Ranicorn.

4. Your now wearing both of the familiars!

*Note: Other people can not see both sprites, they can only see one. (But, in photos both of them are visible)

*Note: Once you refresh, only one sprite will appear.

*Note: Only works with Lady Raincorn and Lord Monochromicorn.