Saint Patricks Day Items 2016

These may not be all of the items, so keep a lookout on this post!

Outfit 1:

saint pat day balloonssaint pat day shirtsaint pat day male

Outfit 2:

saint pat day outfit2saint pat day male 2


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.59.34 PM.png


Light + Dark Outfits

Yes, I’m here to show you the items on a character. I’m sorry, no hair preview because ourWorld is so mean they won’t give it to me after spending 3,000+ gems!

*Cough* anyways.

Demonic Demonic2 Demonic3 Demonic4 Demonic5Angelic Angelic2 Angelic3

Sorry that there were a very few outfits of the light one. I was more into Dark… So.. All gems wasted was on that… Hehehehe…. So, what do you think of these items? Going to be buying any? <3