Two People With The Same Username

I searched “whisper” in friends, and TWO RESULTS CAME UP. I have no idea what is going on. This could either show the previous owner of that name and the old owner, or what? But seeing a level 1, that level 1 wouldn’t be able to have that name when they come back. Could this be a glitch or a new update that we haven’t known of? Who knows~!

Could it relate to this update that never came out until now?
Click here

Headless Cheat

If you don’t feel like spending all your gems on Halloween clothing you could always use this cheat. It allows you to remove face parts or even the whole head! o.o

Step 1. Go to your appearance page.


Step 2. Change all face parts you want to remove. (eyes if you want your eyes off, head if you want your head off etc.)


Step 3. Go from the appearance page into your inventory. If you are taking your head off you might want to remove your hair so it won’t be floating in the air.


Step 4. Close your inventory. You’ll see that your appearance looks different from in the inventory.

headless4Step 5. Refresh the page. Run around headless.


Additional comments:

1. It’s important to go into your inventory straight from the appearance page. If you close the appearance page and then go to inventory then it won’t work.

2. Works on any browser. Tried on latest Firefox and Internet Explorer.

3. To bring your head or whatever you removed, go to your appearance page again or inventory.

4. You may see no speech bubble when you’re talking or you may not see other Peoples text in chat log.

Steps aren’t clear for you? Watch the video by someone that shared with us!

New Log In Screen + Avatar Icon Updates

In the next updates (3rd March)

Log in  Screen:

log in

Avatar icons:

When you go to your profile, you will be able to switch your avatar picture to Facebook picture by clicking on the button (Must be connected to Facebook) and yes you can switch back by Avatar.


Psst…. There’s also going to be a changing gender option too. But there’s a downfall to that… You have to be level 6 or under to do that. Because it will remove your items (Not the unisex ones)

Also another thing too, the “Next Updates” page will now be updated weekly, so you will not have to ask “When are these coming out?” Just check the page! (:

Send Gifts On Mini Profile

Yup on the next update (8th July) we will be able to send gifts on a mini profile. Not much of a big deal though. Here’s a preview:


Oh guess what? Summer items! >:D only part one though. Not the full sets of clothes yet. Heheheh. Click here for the summer items preview.


Coins Display Update + Garden Themes

Hello! o,..,o ourWorld will be adding Coin displays on our profile so we can be stalked awesome! Yayyy! So anyways, here what it would look like:


Don’t worry about that update, you can hide your coins on your profile. As shown “Coins Hidden”

And lastly, the Garden themes! Finally no more Farm theme. Well… It’s still staying there, but I’m sure you know what I mean. No more choosing one theme… Um. Yeah back to topic:


theme2 theme3 theme4 theme5 theme6

And the gems prices:


What do you think of them? Moonlit Garden is my most favorite.

ourWorld Update: Families

In the next update, ourWorld will add families to our profiles!

You will need to be level 100 to adopt kids.  You can be any level to be adopted by someone.

Each child added to your family, the more flow boost you get!  The higher the level of the child, the more flow boost received.

Up to five children may be adopted.

Here what it would look like:

To adopt someone, go to their profile and click Adopt:

What do you think about this update? Leave a comment below!

Old ourWorld (Sort Of)

Since ourWorld has updated a lot in for the past year. I will show you what it all looked like back then. (Yes I took a lot of random pictures back then and still do)

(The red parts highlights what ourWorld has updated)

  • Resident icon
  • The add friend and heads are bigger
  • The toolbar (The White Light name was before Secret)
  • The chat arrow isn’t blue or didn’t had to open

Here are few other pictures I took randomly:

(This was taken on September 2011)

(The White Light name is before Secret. As you all know)

(The Gold Star Girl name was before White Light)

(The gold star x3 name was before Gold Star Girl)

(princessslash is when I joined with that name and it was before gold star x3)

Also with the princessslash pic. There was no Reset button, New Items button and you didn’t need to remove your clothes in the marketplace to make a outfit!

I didn’t put all of the pictures of the old ourworld tho, but hope you liked them.

View People Friend Elevator Cheat


Did you know you can view other people’s friend elevator? Well here how:

Step 1: View your profile then go to someone else profile

Step 2: Keep tabbing till it goes on here

Step 3: Use your right arrow keys 2 times till it ends up on here

Step 4: Hit enter then click on Elevator

Now you can see her elevator! :o

This may not work with private profiles.

New Friend Bar+ Market Place

In the next update or so, You can’t get gems anymore when you add people to level up. You will need to gain gems not earn them anymore, So here is the picture:


For the next update with the Friend Bar you will be able to see what people are trading and selling on their profile: