Old ourWorld (Sort Of)

Since ourWorld has updated a lot in for the past year. I will show you what it all looked like back then. (Yes I took a lot of random pictures back then and still do)

(The red parts highlights what ourWorld has updated)

  • Resident icon
  • The add friend and heads are bigger
  • The toolbar (The White Light name was before Secret)
  • The chat arrow isn’t blue or didn’t had to open

Here are few other pictures I took randomly:

(This was taken on September 2011)

(The White Light name is before Secret. As you all know)

(The Gold Star Girl name was before White Light)

(The gold star x3 name was before Gold Star Girl)

(princessslash is when I joined with that name and it was before gold star x3)

Also with the princessslash pic. There was no Reset button, New Items button and you didn’t need to remove your clothes in the marketplace to make a outfit!

I didn’t put all of the pictures of the old ourworld tho, but hope you liked them.