New Log In Screen + Avatar Icon Updates

In the next updates (3rd March)

Log inĀ  Screen:

log in

Avatar icons:

When you go to your profile, you will be able to switch your avatar picture to Facebook picture by clicking on the button (Must be connected to Facebook) and yes you can switch back by Avatar.


Psst…. There’s also going to be a changing gender option too. But there’s a downfall to that… You have to be level 6 or under to do that. Because it will remove your items (Not the unisex ones)

Also another thing too, the “Next Updates” page will now be updated weekly, so you will not have to ask “When are these coming out?” Just check the page! (:

How To Have A Picture On Your Wall

Everyone been questing me of how to have a picture on your wall.

Well it’s simple. Just follow these steps:

Ok, I sticked this post because quite a few people has been asking me how to do this. And this post is very old, as you can see. Was posted on July 11th 2012. This will be sticked for 2 days and will be unstick till then.~

Step 1: (You will need another account that is level 25 or you make the crew and invite your other account, make it founder then leave it on your main account) Make a crew. (Will cost 50 gems)

Step 2: Upload an image. (Will cost 10 gems)

Step 3: Wait 2 days or less.

Step 4: Go to your condo then buy the decal (Your other account needs to be level 24 to gift the decal to you) (Cost 22 gems)

Step 5: Place it in your condo and ta da!

All this adds up to 82 gems. To have another decal make another crew.

Chat Help

Don’t know much about the chat? Then here are some answers!

How do I know which one is me?

You’re always on top and have a green man right next to your name!


How can I change my name?

Easy! just click on your name. on the right side then it should come like this:

How can I change my picture?
Click on your name and get a picture link or upload your own on Tinypic.Then click “OK” once you put the link in here:

What does the colors mean?Colors

What these feature does:
Owner: Able to do whatever their like and make people Mod and Member (and also ban forever)
Mod: Able to make guest to Members. They’ve a restricted banning to 6 hours.
Member: Able to show Links publicly
Guest: Able to just talk. When link is shared, no one will be able to see it besides the sender.
Banned: Won’t be able to talk in chat, but be able to see what other people are talking about.

How can I avoid getting banned?

Pretty simple.
Things NOT TO DO:

  1. Inappropriate words (Besides for: Crap, Screw, Hell)
  2. Scamming (This goes for ourWorld and Xat)
  3. Spamming (For example: dfudfdjus over and over)
  4. Impersonating someone else
  5. Annoying other members
  6. Being offensive
  7. Advertising ourWorld unrelated
  8. Asking to be a Mod or Admin over and over.

How can I Private Chat someone?
Click on their name on the right side (If they’re online, if they aren’t online, you won’t be able to private chat)

How can I sign-up and have a star?

Click here for link then change the ID to whatever number you want.

Your answer isn’t here? Leave a comment and we will reply to you and add it to this post for everyone else!