Stand/Walk On Water At The Beach Glitch

Is it possible to walk on the water in the beach (Residents area)? Yes it is! Some of you guys may know this, but some may not.

Step 1: Go to The Beach, it is a Residents/Zoes member area. If you are not a Resident/Zoes then you can ask one of your Resident/Zoe friends to group you at the beach.

Step 2: Sit on a chair at the beach, there should be 2 chairs.

Step 3: Click a spot in the water, before your character enters the water, quickly click another area of the water again.

And there you go, you can now walk on the water and you can even use dance moves on the water.

This also works at toxic beach as well, you first need to be green otherwise it will reset and you will be in the water and will have to do it all over again.

my favorite glitch :)

Gem Codes: September 11th – 17th

(Expires 17th of September)

Thanks Aestaetic and I Artemis I!

Please be aware that monthly code always arrive late, usually 20th+ of the month. Or on RARE occasions, it may be less than that. – Peek

Monthly code is not available yet! Guess we have to wait another week or so *shrug*

Gem Codes: 28th August – 3rd September

New Gem codes! I’m happy to say that I’m officially part of this blog and I will be in charge of posting gem codes for Facebook/Monthly. -Zatsune Miku

(Expires 3rd September)
Thank you Name51

(Expires 31st August)

How To Enable Red Usernames

This requires you to be a volunteer in order for this to work.

This guide is for anyone who didn’t know, you can make your username in the colour red!(and other people users too) However, no one else can see it besides yourself.


  1. Goto settings
  2. Select any language under “Translation Language”
  3. Right click your screen
  4. Select “Color Text”

Notes: To disable this, simply right click again and click “Color Text”. This feature will also change the colors of some of the other texts in the game. To bring back graphics option, go back into settings and select none under “Translation Language” and refresh the page. May have to disable and re-enable during gameplay for the color to reappear. You will need to re-enable through right clicking after the page refreshes.