Gem Codes: 1st September – 8th September

Only Facebook at the moment! If you know the Toolbar for this week, we will add your name into this post!


 5D1F-A4BC-4E97-97C7 (Didn’t expect it to be the first week. Ha.)


Thank you elPassion, AmiiLoveAdii,  Shinigami, False Reality and Lobus for Toolbar!

Thank you  doodlepearl &  xXNerdyyXx for Monthly!

Gem Codes: 24th – 31st March

Yes. I hope you prepared your self earlier. A flood of new post about Updates and such. PREPARE FOR THIS ONE! Muahahaha.a.ha… Trust me, this is the last post for today…. If it isn’t, blame Secret because she owns this….No I’m joking! xD
Anyway you want codes don’t cha? here dem are!

E9E4-2E81-7CF9-89FA (Finally!)


7998-A768-5CBE-C55A (Still the March one. The new one will come out in 1 week or 2 in the new month)

Thank you Little Pharaoh, lForever alonel, Lindsay, arooba & Mohid for Facebook code!

Gem codes: 28th Oct – 4th Nov

Hey. I am tired right now and don’t feel like posting.  Editing is done  is by Secret.

Toolbar: N/A (Still haven’t got the code yet. Refreshed toolbar daily, still nothing new. Sorry!)

Facebook: 0E08-BECB-B6C0-37CF (Thanks Khate_Yumi)

Monthly: FA26-8B88-065C-8E5C 

Use the codes before they expire!


Gem Codes 5th – 12th August

IT’S MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY. OK, never mind it’s Tuesday. ourWorld likes giving code(s) every Tuesdays. -.- (Monday for their time)



Monthly (August):EB57-A836-DF33-459A
Thanks to i Ellectra i!

Can’t you believe it? only Facebook today. If you know this week’s Toolbar, you may comment below and I will add/credit your name in this post! :3

Time for a random video. Every random video will be posted every week with gems code. BUT WARNING: it may be disturbing to some people.