New Updates: Parties, Ads, June Monthly Items Preview

Sad news to the tourist. Ads are going to be back on oW (When you load to a different room) and it looks like they fixed the bypassing of not watching ads too. Anyways, a another update: Events names are now named Parties. The “Create” button hasn’t change though.

Events Events2 Party

And now here’s a preview of the June monthly items and the resident theme!

June Monthly June Theme

Gem Codes: 17th – 24th June

HEYA PEOPLE! Really hungry for gems? Well, here’s the today’s codes!


AD1B-4FE7-4ED5-C88A (Credited myself. ~Secret) (‘:

Monthly Code:
31FD-5DDC-A669-411F (June, it’s not weekly)

Enjoy wasting I mean… Eating your gems ;)

Gem Codes 10th – 17th June

Sorry, no one posted the gem codes last week. But don’t worry, here’s the gem codes for this weeks!

Monthly Code:

Facebook Code:

Toolbar Code:
N/A (Comment the Toolbar code and we will credit your name in this post! (Your comments name))

Rainbow Box: Clothing On Characters

You saw all the lovely items from the box right? No? Click here then for the magical rainbow items post!

So anyways, here what it looks like on GIRLS characters. Sorry there is no boys!

raisecret raiact raipaw

And also the log in screen picture:

log in screen

So what do you think? <3

60 Gems per mystery box
Coming out on 10th June~

Gem Codes 27th – 3rd June

Everyone has been waiting for the codes? Yes? Good. No more waiting. But I think you’ll need to wait for Toolbar or comment what the current toolbar code is and we will credit your name in this post!


(Thanks to Only for telling us the Toolbar code!)

(The May’s Monthly code.)

Monthly Items: June 2013 Helios Herald

Hello! Guess what? oh wait you already know… No? k. June Monthly items! Yup you already know. Here’s the gang wearing the June monthly items even though we missed out Pink Gift, Careful, Poof, Crazy Duck and RinAndLen02. But oh well. these what it looks like on a character:


And the set with the items (Don’t worry, they come in Blue, Black, Yellow, Green and White of course) Yes, it does show the price of the items. 20,000 = 20 gems.

set2So… What do you think of these items? I love the hair!

Note: They’re not out on ourWorld yet. They will be on June.

(PARTY ENDED) Noob Party!

Party has ended. View pictures here


Yup we’re having a party! (Click the picture for bigger size)

If there is WAY more people then we will gift few people only. You might be lucky!

I will be taking pictures and post them here of what happen!
Hope to see you’s there!