Magic Carpet (Short oW Story)

Mwahaha Another Story, and my first one at that!





By: Le Porkie

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No Moves After Level 66

I’ve been getting so much messages about people not getting anymore moves after level 66. It’s a common thing, not a glitch/bug. So here’s your answer:

(Click the image to see full size)

movesAll that is highlighted red is all dance planet moves. You won’t find the moves at the top, you’ll have to find them down the bottom where Dance planet moves are always are.

moves3These should be the moves that you earn from leveling up or Dance planet. And of course, you can’t earn Genie from leveling up either.

So I hope this helped you. No more going crazy about getting no more moves? Lol joking.

Dance Planet Moves

Everyone may be wondering what levels you get from dance planet well here they are:

High Five level 1
Hop level 1
Arm Lift level 1
Left Hand Shimmy level 1
Mover level 1
Shaker level 2
Power March level 2
Chopper level 2
Grand Goodbye level 2
Waddle level 2
Running Man level 3
Genie level level 3
Hot Feet level 3
Swinging Arms level 3
Small Hop level 3
Wallet level 4
Wave level 4
Chunga level 4
You Didn’t level 4
Kick Start level 4
Double Spin level 5
Slap Happy level 5
Kremlin level 5
Ta Da level 5
Chop level 5
Arm Drop level 6
Crane level 6
Change It Up level 6
Strafe level 6
One…Two…Three level 6
Grinder level 7
Stretch level 7
X Factor level 7
Step Out level 7
Side To Side level 7