Gem Codes: February 5 – February 12

Facebook: 3C2C-2517-E233-7F93
(Expires Feb 12, 2018)

February Monthly: N/A
(Expires -,-)

Please check our FAQ before asking any questions c:



Gem Codes: January 29 – February 4

Facebook: 76AE-A9F2-86CD-B555
(Expires Feb, 4, 2018)


January Monthly: 6A37-72FB-32C8-5F80
(Expires Feb, 4, 2018)

Please click here for the FAQ Page. Most of the questions about gem codes are answered there. How to redeem and why it isn’t working etc.

Gem Codes: 1st – 7th January

(Expires on the 7th of January.)


Before anyone asks where is monthly, there may be double monthly codes for this month as a compensation for missing last months like there was on March 2017. BUT I’m making no promises there, we don’t make the codes – we just post them. What could be the reason for the delay? We do not know.