ourWorld: Girlstart Charity

Ah, a nice thing ourWorld is doing. Like they did in 2010 and 2011. With these donations:


And now, another one for 2014!


Every one that is bought, will donate 5 dollars to Girlstart (Same amount as the older ones!) oh and the price? 250 gems (Hey… That isn’t bad compared with 300 gems from the 2011 donation, hey?)


Sasha The Spaniel ~ Update

Konnichiwa! Hello! I’m here to show you Sasha The Spaniel. You may be wondering “What does that even mean or what is that” Well, It’s a cute fluffy Dog <3

Fluffy Sasha

Yes, it will be coming out 28th October.

Star Baby Mystery Box Update

Here is the Star Baby log in screen!


OurWorld is coming out with all-new Star Baby Condo Boxes and Mystery Boxes. Aren’t they cute?



What do you think of these boxes? Comment below.

Note: They will release on 13th May ourWorld time.